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Women’s Work

Women are reshaping their roles at home and in the workplace, whether in fields traditionally dominated by men, or those that have long seen women at the forefront. In the U.S. and abroad, we're highlighting how women get it done.

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Military wife Becky Hoy encourages “heroes at home” to opt in.
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Because “no one comes back the same way they went in.”
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“It was like freedom all over again. It was like being born again, I guess. It was like I woke up.”
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When Tiffany Freeze’s service ended, she found her purpose through creativity and advocating for her fellow veterans.
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When Capt. Rachelle Thomas came back from war, a new battle for gender equality and wellness began.
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There's one month left in the decade. Don't worry about what you have and haven't accomplished.

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It's time to have a conversation about what women go through physically when they lose a pregnancy.
What if you shared what was really on your mind during job interviews?
You'd think millennial couples would be more egalitarian in their approach to household chores, but you'd be wrong.
Advice from parents for having weeknight meals with their kids.
Surrounded by white men on a daily basis, Farah Alibay is committed to increasing diversity and the visibility of women in her field.
Bookstagram influencers share their tried-and-true tips for parents to use with their children.
The subtle and not-so-subtle ways people assert their dominance in the office are not all in your head.
The Duchess of Cambridge also said she "definitely would have done things differently" with her pregnancies.
The Air Force’s updated policy sets new grooming and uniform standards for members who wear turbans, hijabs and beards for religious reasons.
The heavier men were, the more persuasive they seemed, a Cornell study found.
This job-hunting strategy to "get your foot in the door" can backfire, career experts say.
Sales are way up, but nutrition experts say they're unnecessary.