More than 111,000 people were without power late Sunday evening as fierce winds and "half dollar size hail" swept through the region.
This weird gadget from Treepex was supposed to be satirical. But then people actually wanted to buy it.
Exporting plastic for processing overseas has been linked to ocean pollution.
The location, in the shadow of New York's dirtiest power plant, is a deliberate choice by the senator and his campaign.
The rats' owner "really loved them" but the population "got out of hand very quickly," the San Diego Humane Society said.
“Dinner is served,” a researcher said as dozens of octopuses and fish munched on the carcass.
The exhausted mastiff had to be carried down a Utah mountain by a search and rescue squad.
The ShakeAlert system, the first of its kind in the nation, will give early warnings to residents about to feel strong quakes.
Climate change, disease and poverty threaten the global coffee industry.
The plan would roll back protections for 9.2 million acres of Alaska’s Tongass National Forest.
Hagibis was the worst storm to hit the country in decades, with some regions getting up to 3 feet of rain in just 24 hours.
“Californians should not pay the price for decades of PG&E’s greed and neglect,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said.
The "Last Week Tonight" host tears into the Trump nominee who would oversee the agency.
As many as 36 people are dead from the storm, which caused serious damage in central and northern Japan.
This summer, three things happened that forced me to finally face our grave reality.
More than 30 structures have been damaged by the blaze near Los Angeles.
Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law prohibiting the sale and manufacture of new fur products statewide.
Winds ripped through buildings and tipped cars, killing at least one person.
Don't worry -- the mama and her young were safely escorted out of the Lake Tahoe home by the BEAR League, a local group that helps bears in sticky situations.
Multiple wildfires burned across the state as hundreds of thousands of residents faced power outages in an attempt at prevention.