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This may be the first known case of a cat getting sick from the novel coronavirus, though experts stress cases of pets catching it remain extremely rare.
Need to fill your time while social distancing? Online courses will keep you from reaching for the Roku remote.
By the look of it, we're all lighting up to relieve stress and anxiety these days.
Conduct smoother video conferences with these tips from work-from-home veterans.
No desk? No problem. These finds will help you stay organized even if you're working from your bed.
Grab cheap indoor plants online with the help of these plant and flower delivery services 🌿
"The Matrix" trilogy, "The Hangover" and "Taxi Driver" join the streaming service.
These relaxing bath products will be there for your next soak.
Big birthday parties are canceled, but parents are sharing their ideas for at-home celebrations while we practice social distancing.
The coronavirus news isn’t the only thing that makes anxiety-induced cleaning such a soothing ritual.
DIY tutorials to sew homemade masks that protect against COVID-19, whether you're wearing a mask yourself or donating to hospitals.
Working from home? Working out at home? Now's your chance to get loungewear and sneakers for 30% off at Adidas.
The coronavirus appears to be affecting what Netflix subscribers watch.
Netflix subscribers apparently want pandemic shows.
Perhaps it’s time to incorporate a more hands-on activity into your stay-home routine.
Here’s how working families are coping with having to do it all.
Pass your coronavirus-induced alone time by streaming shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and elsewhere.
While social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, enjoy virtual concerts, workout classes, Broadway shows and more.
Put on your pajamas, slide into your slippers and bundle up in a blanket: Anthropologie's offering 25% off everything.
You won't have to sacrifice space in your closet anymore — these finds will have you organized in no time.

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