The commissioner is backtracking from the football league's original stance that players should not be allowed to peacefully protest during the national anthem.
The president mentioned Floyd one day after his family asked that his name not be used “as a prop.”
Kayleigh McEnany was living in Washington but voted in Florida. Trump used an address he promised Palm Beach officials would not be a residence.
One person mocked the president by saying, "The racism will continue until morale improves."
James “Stew” Steward wrote that he didn't believe "a good person of color" had ever been killed by an officer. He blamed the wording on voice-to-text technology.
Trump shushed Yamiche Alcindor of PBS, then angrily told her: "You are something."
Seats for a news briefing were moved closer together as reporters served as a "prop" for an employment statement by Donald Trump, who refused to take questions.
The local chapter of Black Lives Matter dismissed the mural as a “performative distraction from real policy changes” designed to “appease white liberals."
“He’s just shown blatantly over and over again that he’s a racist,” said one Black Lives Matter protester.
Trump's former chief of staff said Americans should look closer at the character of people who are running for office and "put them through the filter."