Asian Voices

Despite the lockdown, Muslims across the country find ways to celebrate the holiday marking the end of Ramadan.
The "Colors of the World" line aims to promote representation and acceptance.
The use of the standardized tests in college applications has long been criticized as favoring wealthier, white students.
"Feeling like you’re the 'other' and trapped between two worlds is something countless Iranian Americans and Middle Easterners have experienced."
The 24-hour marathon reading, organized by clergy and community activists, seeks to humanize COVID-19's death toll.
The president's tweets show that he sees voter suppression as a vital tool in his reelection campaign.
More than 250,000 immigrants and refugees in the U.S. have health care degrees but don't have jobs commensurate with their education.
As the coronavirus continues to ravage the globe, Asian Americans are using their creativity to tell their own stories and find validation in their communities.
From April 1 to May 15, Republicans spent $8.3 million on TV ads referencing China, compared to the $1.7 million Democrats spent.