But he admitted there are still "so many" bad things that people don't yet know about him.
"This has been the biggest blessing," said the "Nope" actor amid a swirl of rumors.
“My favorite breed of cat is ‘been through some s**t.’”
"How happy is Adidas today?" quipped talk show host a month after the company severed its relationship with Ye over previous antisemitic comments.
"boyfriend is out hunting (picking up food order) while I am domesticating wild beasts (giving cat little kisses)"
"this is my emotional manipulation dog. he gaslights and undermines me at every opportunity"
The organization accused "SNL" and NBC of "normalizing and popularizing antisemitism."
“It shouldn’t be this scary to talk about anything,” the controversial comedian said. “It makes my job incredibly difficult."
"Per a company-wide email we got this morning, he’s dead to us" after his endorsed candidates bombed in the midterms, Bowen Yang's "Brian Kilmeade" announces.