The “Easy on Me” singer will hit the stage at Caesars Palace for a 12-week stint.
“This is the most important email I have ever missed," Channel 7's Matt Doran said, describing himself as "unequivocally apologetic."
The British actor was among the celebrity guests at the singer's London concert special.
The British singer was reunited with a special English teacher after losing touch for over a decade.
"If everyone's making music for the TikTok, who's making music for my generation? Who's making the music for my peers? I will do that job, gladly," she said.
Fans are doing their best to handle all of their emotions.
The 15-time Grammy winner introduced "To Be Loved" off her new album, "30," with a seemingly impromptu living room session.
"I’m just glad Oprah knew SOME of the lyrics this time," one fan joked.
"I was like, I’m really not happy. I’m not not living. I’m just plodding along," the Grammy winner said.
The singer said her 9-year-old son Angelo went to a Taylor Swift concert and said "so many people come to her shows."
The British singer said she was feeling "a million things at once" about performing her new music for "Adele: One Night Only."
The singer opened up about her bond with the NBA super-agent.
The singer said forging relationships with Lawrence and neighbor Nicole Richie "humanized" her.
Social media users also shared concert videos of Kurt Cobain, Linkin Park and others jumping into action when they spotted fans in need.
The "Easy On Me" singer showed off the framed souvenir in a Vogue interview.
In a two-hour special, the singer will speak with Winfrey about "life after divorce, weight loss and raising her son," according to CBS.
The 15-time Grammy winner confirmed that "30," her long-awaited fourth record, will be unveiled Nov. 19.
A fan Q&A on Instagram Live took a highly personal turn into the singer's "body count."