Andy Cohen

The "Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes" star got an insightful lesson on showbiz from the iconic filmmaker.
The Bravo host said he doesn't think Meghan Markle would do his show anymore and he doesn't "blame her" for it.
The "Watch What Happens Live" host interviewed Spears for her 2016 album "Glory," only for an unnamed woman to relentlessly instruct her on what to say and do.
The "Watch What Happens Live" host really put the CNN star on the spot in an awkward moment.
The singer and talk show host addressed claims made by Clive Davis back in 2013.
The “American Idol” star said the two are always “pitted against each other.”
The banter between the "Watch What Happens Live" host and "No Hard Feelings" star after their kiss was pretty cheeky too.
"I was like, 'Screw you, universe,'" Clarkson said of the unfortunate song choice.
“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, smaller portions!’ Like, shut the f**k up,” the comedian said.
The "Book Club" star might've overshared to Andy Cohen, while Jane Fonda also acknowledged getting hot and bothered with someone on camera.