Ariana Grande

The two-time Grammy winner seemed to address the scrutiny over her private life and new music in a recent interview.
“Now I can’t unsee it,” a social media user said of the snarky but accurate quip.
Musical fans got their first real look at the Broadway adaptation on Super Bowl Sunday.
Grande sparked a very mixed divide last week after she appeared to make a shameless reference to the Ethan Slater drama in her new song.
Many were quick to interpret the post as Grande's response to the online frenzy surrounding her relationship with "Wicked" co-star, Ethan Slater.
Erivo, who is set to play Elphaba in the film adaptation of the musical, described what "just works" between the two.
Ariana Grande, Mark Ruffalo, Gabrielle Union and nearly 200 other entertainers and authors signed the letter denouncing the "censorious" and "chilling" bans.
The pop star turned a Vogue makeup tutorial into a moving confessional about what she's done to look beautiful.
The exodus follows Taylor Swift's infamous clash with the manager over the master recording rights to her first six albums.
Sources told TMZ that Slater's wife, Lilly Jay, feels “betrayed.”