A BBC journalist recently shared audio from a minidisc he discovered in his home. It features a 2003 conversation he claims to have had with the artist.
Once you learn something damning about a person attached to a movie, TV show or song you love, where does that love go?
“When we opened our first gallery, we thought glass was just glass,” one expert wrote. “We couldn’t have been more wrong.”
We were forced into a value system based on our labor. It's time to disrupt that trauma.
But the professionals aren't as concerned about it as you might think.
The work stoppage is taking a toll on florists, caterers, costume suppliers and other small businesses that support the entertainment industry.
Artist Martin Grasser, who helped design Twitter's iconic bird logo, said the symbol "did so much" since it was launched in 2012.
Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy are reportedly among those who walked out.
By the time flames were doused, all that was left of the installation by Michelangelo Pistoletto was a charred frame.
"My family is used to my strange requests, but this one was just too weird."