Ben Affleck

The comedian had some thoughts on the topics Affleck decided to cover — and what he could've done instead.
Until Thursday, J.Lo and husband, Ben Affleck, hadn't been photographed in public for 47 days.
The singer's "Monster-in-Law" co-star offered some urgent marriage advice in a phone call captured in Lopez's new documentary.
In her new documentary, Jennifer Lopez apparently showed fellow musicians a stash of her husband’s private letters in hopes that it would inspire an album.
"I actually said that to him when we were filming, and he just left it in,” Damon recalled.
"We didn’t break up right at that moment," the singer said in a new Apple Music interview, before revealing what went down next.
"He’s such an amazing actor," the singer said in her caption on the Instagram photo.
Recent paparazzi shots have shown the "Argo" actor making a Dunkin’ run without a cheery disposition.
The pop icon assured fans that there's nothing to worry about in regard to her husband’s well-being.
The "This Is Me ... Now" singer said maturity has made her relationship with the Oscar winner far less of a strain.