Chris Rock

The sitcom legend explained why Rock "wasn't up to perform" in his new Netflix movie.
The late night host warned the ex-president to keep Kimmel's name "out of your weird little wet mouth."
The actor called the controversial moment the “holy slap.”
The "Red Table Talk" star revealed the effect Smith's slapping of Chris Rock at the Oscars had on their relationship.
Will Smith said he had "emotional blindness" to Jada Pinkett Smith.
The “Red Table Talk” star discussed past conversations she said she’d had with the comedian prior to the Oscars slap in her new memoir, “Worthy.”
A year and a half after Smith accosted Chris Rock on the Oscars stage, Pinkett Smith is sharing her thoughts in greater detail than ever.
“It was like the old times, you know, just caravanning across the country,” the musician said. Rains had stranded thousands at the annual desert fest.
The sun has set on comedians like Marlon Wayans, Mo'Nique and Chris Rock, whose latest offerings were lackluster. Black Gen X comedy has nothing new to say.
Rock, who has twice hosted the awards ceremony, took aim at the motion picture academy while praising Sandler's career.