In this week's Culture Catchall, we're talking an *NSYNC reunion, real-life American horror story and Aubrey Graham’s latest antics.
The actor said Drake ignored her when she told him she wasn't cool with being on his album cover.
The rapper’s unveiling of the copious bras comes after he joked that he was “deeply disappointed” fans weren’t tossing their lingerie onstage.
The commercialization of hip-hop and the overly wrought themes of excess and violence were supposed to mark the genre's end. But hip-hop can't die no matter who tries to kill it.
The reality star was seen singing along to the lyrics of “Search & Rescue,” which includes a snippet of her discussing her divorce from her ex-husband.
In the viral clip, the man can be seen trying to wrestle the towel away from the woman before the "God's Plan" rapper comes to her aid.
The ring, which Tupac Shakur designed himself, was meant to symbolically herald a new era of his life — away from his gangsta rap image — that never got to be.
The certified lover boy admits what's truly holding him back from settling down.
"There’s no way you’re taking life serious if you think I’m going to pick this vape up and vape with you," the Canadian rapper said.
The rapper unleashed a response after his friend and rapper Lil Yachty commented on his appearance in a recent post.