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A compilation of dogs and cats rejecting kisses
An attorney for Haddish denied claims that the comedy pair groomed two minors for sexually abusive film shoots. Spears' lawyer called the suit a "shakedown."
We’re highlighting all the stuff on the Internet that we think deserve your likes, favs and follows! YouTube channel Skypro shows us a dog that plays table tennis like a boss, James Hodgson introduces us to a girl who plays the piano while sleeping, and on Instagram, @ChrisVespoli spots a very sexy salad.
Attorney Rod Ponton's technical snafu led to an exchange with the judge that can only be described as "kitty funny."
The mother of the TikTok creator — who was not injured — was rummaging around the attic when she tripped.
Milo the very good Jackapoo provided comic relief after learning to open drawers.
Prepare yourself for "sex consecutive days of rain."
White nationalists and Fox News hosts join the president in Funny Or Die's spoof trailer.
The comedy star gets dropped into the action in this Funny Or Die mashup.