George Lopez

George and Mayan Lopez star in the only Latino-led show on prime-time television.
The actor and comedian said he's "surprised" by the current GOP front-runner ahead of the presidential election.
What makes a story about the Mexican American experience authentic? For TV writer Alex Zaragoza, it's letting go of the need to explain your existence.
For many Latinx viewers, the ABC sitcom was the first time they were able to laugh at jokes that truly resonated with their experiences.
The Democratic presidential nominee was speaking to comedian George Lopez at the time. But several news outlets — and Trump — omitted that key detail.
The hashtag #ArrestGeorgeLopez trended on Twitter after the comedian's controversial quip about Trump and Iran.
The comedian was captured fighting with a man who reportedly provoked him with pro-Trump sentiments in a video sent to TMZ.
The pissed-off comedian uses a water bottle to make his point.
The comedian posted the controversial statement to his Instagram.
"You have two choices: Shut the f**k up or get the f**k out," Lopez said.