Janet Jackson

The Brooklyn-born rapper, who performed his 1999 collaboration with Jackson in New York City on Tuesday, didn't come empty-handed for her birthday.
“It was just more publicity,” the football star said of Jackson’s career-derailing moment.
In a new trailer for her upcoming documentary, the singer says she was considered "guilty by association."
The singer tweeted the minute-long look at the four-hour documentary slated to air about her in 2022 and declared in the clip: “This is the truth."
Supporters of Britney Spears and Janet Jackson offered up replacements for the annual rush of "It's gonna be May" memes.
The music icon's album joins 24 other recordings that were recently added to the Library of Congress.
The singer, who has been the subject of widespread backlash recently in the wake of a documentary about Spears, said he is "deeply sorry."
Margzetta Frazier honored the singing and dancing legend's moves while she tumbled.
The player faced the wrath of Twitter users for his pop-culture gaffe.