Jennifer Garner

Violet Affleck, 17, was the spitting image of her mom at a party with her dad Ben Affleck.
Both women wrote Father’s Day posts that made their shared opinion very clear.
The actor also shared that she had to wear “chicken cutlet fake boobs” and was “close to a wardrobe malfunction at all times.”
The actor admitted it can be hard to be recognized on days when she feels a "blackness in my soul."
The "Last Thing He Told Me" co-stars got up close and personal the very first time they met.
The actor said seeing his children watch the film was "the most gratifying experience" of his life.
"The Town" actor said he's "very guarded" in interviews following the reported mischaracterization of his comments.
The mother of three said she was terrified at the prospect of playing high — as her trips are usually to physical locations rather than altered states of mind.
The actor joked that her high-intensity video was intended to "haunt" her kids when they grow up.
"When you board a plane and your seat mate is your movie husband," the star wrote in a cute Instagram post.