Jimmy Kimmel

The late-night host spots a gaping hole in the ex-president’s defense strategy.
The late-night host can’t get over the former president’s bizarre new rambling.
The late-night host mocks conservative “weaklings” for their over-the-top fealty to the ex-president.
The comedian was criticized for making light of the actor’s past struggles with addiction.
The late-night host said there’s one word the ex-president uses that has another meaning altogether.
The late-night host mocked the right-wing network for a brazen claim about the ex-president.
The late-night host delivers a blunt refresher to the ex-president.
The former "Late Late Show" host is having trouble convincing people that he didn't get canned by CBS.
The late-night host put the former president on blast over this one.
Kimmel also mocked the ex-president's daughter-in-law with a scathing five-word review of her new song.