Jon Stewart

The "Daily Show" host's on-air tribute came as a "total surprise" to everyone at the New York City shelter, which is currently overcapacity.
“In a world of good boys, he was the best,” the “Daily Show” host said.
Stewart responded Monday to critics of his monologue last week, which included Donald Trump's niece, who suggested he wasn't an “honest, objective person.”
The “Daily Show” host tears into the ex-Fox News host over his fawning trip to Russia.
Stewart’s rhetoric is "a potential disaster for democracy," claimed Donald Trump's niece.
The longtime host is back after a nine-year absence from the hit late-night talk series with an urgent message for the nation.
The politically inclined comedian also hinted at why "The Problem With Jon Stewart" was canceled.
Comedy Central is right back where they started — but not before they could waste Roy Wood Jr.'s time.
The Comedy Central program welcomed Stewart back with a fitting gag on X, formerly Twitter.
After months of searching for a new host, the show will bring back Stewart as Monday night host and executive producer through the 2024 election cycle.