Justin Bieber

In the video message, a well-known pastor asks his followers to bless the Biebers.
The "U Got It Bad" singer is recalling just how in demand Bieber really was — and how he convinced him not to sign with a fellow Justin.
The friends and former record label mates have known each other for years, but Bieber ultimately did not appear in Usher's star-filled performance.
TMZ reported that the longtime friends were in talks to hit the stage together.
From Taylor Swift to Jay-Z — it seemed like all the A-listers made it to the big game.
The model said that she “can’t be bloated one time” without igniting gossip.
The model touched on her and husband Justin Bieber's starkly different styles — and the conversation around them — in an interview with GQ Hype.
The actor and singer split with Bieber and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the same year. Now she advocates for mental health.
The singer celebrated spending "forever and ever" with the model.
The overdressed girlfriend/underdressed boyfriend joke is more than just a meme. It's a reality in many relationships.