Kim Kardashian

Farnaz Farjam says that the family gets brand new iPhones every Monday to film from their homes in a brightly lit room with a tripod, set up by a technician in a hazmat suit.
The reality star's attempt to encourage social distancing didn't exactly go as planned.
The physical fight between the sisters caused major fallout for the entire family.
Never underestimate the wrath of angry Taylor Swift fans.
Though the sisters are 39 and 40, they still haven't quite figured out how to resolve problems without violence.
With the two megastars feuding again, Swift pal Todrick Hall tried to shame Kardashian over her infamous sex tape.
The reality TV star fired off a series of tweets about the ongoing feud between her husband and the pop singer about the 2016 song "Famous."
“I literally feel like I pulled a muscle in my shoulder,” the reality star said, laughing. “This is f**king fashion week.”
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the reality TV star revealed she's cleaning everything with Clorox wipes.
The 6-year-old daughter of the musician and Kim Kardashian West hit the stage, introducing herself as "Northie" and saying, "cool, cute, cool, yeah!