Matt Damon

The two actors appeared alongside each other in the Oscar-nominated film “Oppenheimer.”
"I actually said that to him when we were filming, and he just left it in,” Damon recalled.
The actor revealed the real reason why she was frowning when "Good Will Hunting" won the original screenwriting award for Damon and Ben Affleck.
The late-night host also revealed how it would go down if he ever invited the far-right lawmaker onto his show.
The comedian revealed the offer on “Strike Force Five,” a new podcast with his fellow late night hosts to help support workers during the writers strike.
The "Oppenheimer" star is totally fine with kissing and telling about his past work.
The actor put the boot in the former president's 2024 ad.
“He declined every dinner invitation for the entire film,” said Matt Damon.
Damon revealed he had agreed to take an acting break, with one key exception.