Ryan Reynolds

"The Office" star doesn’t usually worry about reviews, but he's "genuinely terrified" about what these two will say.
But the soccer club -- the subject of the fly-on-the-wall documentary “Welcome to Wrexham” -- said it’s “under no immediate pressure” to repay loans to the actors.
"This is 40" — all of these people.
"Has anyone seen my wife?" the "Deadpool" actor said on Instagram Sunday.
The far-right lawmaker explained why she's hightailing it to a safer seat in this year's election.
The actor's year-in-review on Instagram showed her toting a breast pump at Disneyland Paris. In comments, fans praised her openness about motherhood.
The MCU actor's statement comes after rumored set pics caused a stir on the internet this week.
The "Deadpool" actor once again proved he’s the funniest person on the internet.
The "Deadpool" star won this year’s “Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter Award,” which is bestowed annually by the late comedian’s children.
“It was like the military, except your pinky is always up," the actor jokes in a new preview for FX's "Welcome to Wrexham."