SAG Awards

Sam Greisman had some thoughts about watching the two-time Oscar winner mingle with other stars at the ceremony.
Jessica Paster spoke out after viral clips appeared to show the “White Lotus” star attempting to avoid a potential wardrobe malfunction on stage.
The actor, who assaulted two Vietnamese men in 1988, handed the cast of “Everything Everywhere All At Once” a SAG trophy on Sunday night.
“We have nothing in common,” Ortega deadpanned at the SAG Awards Sunday night.
The "Abbott Elementary" duo's hilarious bit had some fans calling for them to host their own awards show.
The "White Lotus" star appeared to be exasperated during the cast's acceptance speech.
The "George & Tammy" star joined other fallen stars at award shows.
The two-time Oscar winner spoke from places in the heart about her white privilege.
James Hong stole the show in the final speech of the night with a joyful celebration of Asian talent in Hollywood.
The "White Lotus” star also delivered the perfect raunchy message to her date, fellow actor Tim Bagley.