Seth Meyers

“Dude, not even Democrats are thinking about the pee tape anymore," said the "Late Night" comedian.
"And Stefon would say, ‘He’s dead!’ Then the splash: ‘Stefon: The Movie.’”
"President Biden appeared to mix up Taylor Swift and Britney Spears, and just like that lost 30 million votes," the comedian quipped.
The "Late Night" comedian has it all figured out. Sort of.
The “Late Night” host dressed down the lying House member after his alleged stolen money-spending habits were revealed.
The “Late Night” comedian ripped Republican Markwayne Mullin after he almost came to blows with a union leader during a Senate committee meeting.
The “Late Night” comedian grilled Republican candidates in a spoof segment, and things took a turn.
The "Late Night" comedian trolled the former president with a spoof message before revealing what he really thought.
The “Late Night” comedian mimicked the former president with a ghostly twist.
The "Late Night" comedian was also "shocked" that the former president didn't do one thing during his civil fraud trial.