Taylor Swift

The “Uncut Gems” star admitted that he tries to be as cool “as I can” for his daughters, likening the pop star’s influence to the Beatles.
The wide receiver discussed his conversation with the singer," saying she's "so cool."
Scott Swift is being investigated for allegedly attacking a photographer in Sydney.
In an interview, the NFL star reveals who he would “kiss, marry or kill” between his current girlfriend, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry.
Stone explained her reasoning after a Golden Globes quip got taken "out of context."
Swift sounded wistful while talking about her pandemic album, "Folklore," during a Saturday concert in Melbourne, Australia.
The pop star departed from a Tokyo performance and touched down in Las Vegas just in time to watch boyfriend Travis Kelce in the Super Bowl.
The singer made two $50,000 donations to the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a mother of two who was killed at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade.
After a picture with Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and Machine Gun Kelly made headlines, the “Transformers” actor made things much worse.