The actor and singer delivers a moving performance alongside Jonathan Groff in the acclaimed revival of Stephen Sondheim’s musical.
“My dream has always been to originate a character on Broadway," Gustin told HuffPost. "It had started to feel like it wasn’t possible."
A vile backlash ensued after it was announced Francesca Amewudah-Rivers would play Juliet opposite Tom Holland in the West End production.
Shepard's mother, who says she witnessed numerous attempts to cancel the show in recent years, commented on the cancellation.
He died of old age at his Chicago home on Saturday, just days before his 100th birthday, his daughter, Karen Nussbaum, told The Associated Press.
In "Walk on Through: Confessions of a Museum Novice," the Tony-winning actor and singer gets refreshingly candid on matters of the heart and mind.
“I do believe the ancestors speak through us, if you allow them to,” says Indigenous playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle.
The Texas-born actor and singer said she hopes women will "feel seen and loved and heard" by her portrayal of the iconic character.
In "The Cottage," Bundy and playwright Sandy Rustin deliver a "beautiful feminist message" through sexy and hilarious high jinks.
The play's director says the new version is "not a love story" but, rather, a tale about "fear" set between two Wyoming cowboys.