Whoopi Goldberg

The actor’s sudden move surprised her cohosts on the daytime talk show.
The "Sister Act" star made the revelation while discussing age gaps on "The View."
The talk show host has apparently had success with this one clever method.
Two of Goldberg's talk show colleagues might've been engaging in an "inappropriate" conversation.
“The View” co-host and EGOT winner broke down why “there are no snubs” at the award show.
"The View" co-host questioned the GOP presidential candidate over what's "so difficult" for her to admit about U.S. history.
"I'm tired of dumb people," said "The View" co-host of the Fox News personality's suggestion about the pop superstar.
The "View" moderator addressed some of the backlash Koy received after several of his jokes fell flat during Sunday's ceremony.
“So, they’re OK with forced childbirth even if it kills someone, ’cause they’re so pro-life. What about all that?” asked “The View” co-host.