Whoopi Goldberg

"The View" co-host offered a concise retort to Parton’s detractors who greeted her Thanksgiving Day performance with ageist scorn.
The EGOT winner famously wore a dark purple and lime green jumpsuit to the 65th Academy Awards.
Bilson recently said that it would be “a little weird” if a man in his 40s had only had four sexual partners.
"Why do you want me to go with your belief when that is not my belief?” the "View" co-host asked the Republican congresswoman.
“That’s what we do,” Goldberg said on “The View” Monday. “We tell stories, and then we embellish them.”
The "View" veteran shocked the show with her abrupt query, and quickly apologized.
"I think it would be lots of fun," the "View" host said.
“We’re watching you, Ron,” said the co-host of “The View" while slamming the 2024 GOP presidential candidate’s “ridiculousness."
"We, as a society, love to watch stuff to judge folks," said "The View" co-host before she dropped her take on the effects of "American Idol."
The cohost of "The View" is "sick" of conservative meltdowns.