Will Smith

Maybe the devil tried coming for Smith's career, but did he succeed? Definitely not — at least not to Smith's biggest fans.
The late night host warned the ex-president to keep Kimmel's name "out of your weird little wet mouth."
The actor took his first step toward an attempted comeback, joining J Balvin on stage for an unexpected duet.
Leonardo DiCaprio slept inside an animal carcass, but at least he got an Oscar out of it.
The actor called the controversial moment the “holy slap.”
The “Red Table Talk” host’s remarks come just days after she shared photos of her and Smith celebrating Thanksgiving with their family.
The co-host of "The View" accused the actor of "embarrassing" her husband after the release of her memoir, "Worthy."
A man calling himself the former assistant of the "King Richard" star alleges he once walked in on Smith and Martin engaged in a sexual act together.
The actor has been making headlines with shocking revelations from her memoir, but how do her kids feel about it?
The “Bad Boys” star described his marriage as “brutiful,” explaining it was “brutal and beautiful at the same time.”