Writers Strike

Huge walkouts by auto workers, writers and nurses helped drive a big year for work stoppages, a new analysis shows.
The decision comes after host Drew Barrymore decided briefly to return to the show during the writers strike.
The WGA called the deal “exceptional, with gains and protections for members in every sector of the business.”
One spoof account has been offering up hilarious commentary throughout the historic Hollywood strikes.
The 146-day strike cost the state's economy over $3 billion, according to an estimate.
It has been nearly five months since thousands of film and TV writers went on strike over more equitable pay and working conditions in the streaming era.
Maher's announcement comes a day after Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Hudson and "The Talk" announced plans to postpone returning to the air.
Several daytime talk shows had initially been set to return without their striking writers — but have now reversed course.
HuffPost talked to seven Gen Z writers and actors about how they’re navigating the Hollywood strikes.
"Obviously all the issues are necessary enough to strike or else we wouldn’t have done it, but I think it’s just the complete lack of empathy. That is the most concerning thing."