Check Out 100 Years Of Drag Kings And Male Impersonation In Two Minutes

A fun new video is giving an educational overview of the last 100 years of drag kings and male impersonation.

Pegged to a new in-the-works project called "The Making of a King," the short film walks the viewers through many different incarcnations of what we would understand today as drag kings from the Victorian Era all the way up to the modern times.

"Often when I talk about my documentary 'The Making of a King' and tell people it focuses on the lives of Los Angeles drag kings, they give me a puzzled look like they have never heard that term before," filmmaker Nicole Miyahara told The Huffington Post. "Then, they assume that drag kings are a new cultural phenomenon and that's why they haven't heard about them before. In fact, there's a long and rich history of male impersonation here in the US and internationally. Like with any history there are stories that get told, and others that don't. We wanted to create a video that didn't exist and highlight some really iconic male impersonators throughout time."

Check out the video above and stay tuned for more on "The Making of A King."

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