36 Problem-Solving Products That'll Fix The Issues You Didn't Think Could Be Fixed

You could've been preventing your washing machine from getting all nasty and mildew-y this whole time.
A washing machine door holder, Bio-Oil and piercing bump solution.

Popular items from this list:

  • A Door-Doc so you can easily prop open your front-load washer to help prevent mold and mildew from growing inside

  • Bio-Oil with sooo many potential uses: fading scars, soothing cracked skin, moisturizing without clogging your pores

  • A keloid minimizer because sometimes no matter how well you take care of your new piercing, you just get hit with the keloid curse

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Some seamless bra liners that wick sweat on hot days
Promising review: "This is one of those things that I wish I'd found years earlier. I've suffered from mortifying stress-induced under-boob sweat for most of my adult life. Also, I'm a lifelong Seattle girl who gets upset when it's warmer than 65 degrees outside. So when I stumbled upon this product, I was curious enough to buy a small pack. And yes, I've come back for MORE! For real, I won't put on a bra without one of these liners now. It absorbs all the moisture from heat and stress. And because it's a really soft bamboo/cotton mix, my skin is finally not feeling tortured under there! To the makers of this ingenious life-changing product: thank you thank you thank you! Sincerely, all the grateful ta-tas you've helped to care for." — Niko
Bio-Oil with soo many potential uses: fading scars, soothing cracked skin, moisturizing without clogging your pores
Promising review: "Holy grail product. This is an amazing product. I have sensitive skin, but this has not affected me negatively at all. This product is amazing. It took about three months for me to get wonderful results. There is a slight, somewhat medicinal smell, but I actually kind of like it. If you have scars of any kind, I would highly recommend giving this product a try. I have an old burn scar on my hand; no matter what I used it never seemed to fade in the slightest. I’ve been using Bio-Oil on it for about three months now and it’s made such a difference! It’s basically completely gone! Such a better result than I was expecting! I was only hoping to fade it slightly." — sarah_baerah
A keloid minimizer designed to help reduce the size of that uncomfortable bump
Note: This product is not an overnight miracle. Apply this 2–3 times a day, be patient and you'll start to see the results.

Talk to your doctor before attempting to treat your keloid on your own and learn more about keloids from Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "This product is amazing! Truly a miracle product. I had an AWFUL keloid forming near my nose piercing about six weeks after getting it done and it was getting bigger and more irritated by the day, nothing was helping. I bought this and started using it and in less than two weeks my huge keloid was completely gone!I was definitely skeptical and a little nervous when it didn’t seem to be getting noticeably smaller after a week but then the second week, it started totally disappearing so give it some time to work if your bump is on the larger side. If you remain patient and apply it twice a day, it should do the trick!" — Jordan Caprigno
A foaming garbage disposal cleaner that is SO easy to use
Promising review: "Saw on TikTok (don’t judge) and automatically added to cart. So easy to use, takes probably a minute to fully bubble up and clean, and you’re left with a clean sink! I use with other drain cleaning products, but would 100% recommend for weekly maintenance." — Jessica House
An AirPod cleaning pen because you paid all that money for high-quality headphones, so you should keep them clean
Promising review: "Saw these on a TikTok video and took a chance. I ordered three for different family members and boy am I glad I did! This product is fantastic! It does exactly what it says it will do. The brush is phenomenal in cleaning out the little grates on the speakers of my phone and AirPods. There is a pick that you can use to get big chunky ear wax out of your earpieces and the long skinny wand thing reaches down into my charging case and gets all the junk out of there. This is a win-win-win!" — JMilwaukee
Or a pack of earbud-cleaning putty to get all that gnarly gunk and built-up earwax from the crevices of your headphones
Promising review: "After seeing this on BuzzFeed and looking at the reviews along the way, I literally bought this because of another review that said it fixed her muffled iPhone 11. So glad I did!! I had the exact same issue with hearing people on my iPhone 11 and was SO frustrated. But this worked instantly.Stuffed a square of the putty into the very small receiver you hear out of and for the first time in months I can hear people clearly and loudly out of my iPhone without being on speakerphone. I am so happy I don't have to get a new phone. I used them to clean my AirPods as well; it was good to see all the gunk come out despite not having an issue with sound for them. Definitely a great purchase." — jtd
A "Shark Tank"-approved tattoo aftercare salve designed to soothe, protect and enhance your ink
Mad Rabbit is a small biz found by college friends Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor after seeing a gap in the market for all-natural products to heal, protect and enhance tattoos. They pitched their tattoo salve in season 12 of "Shark Tank."

Promising review: "Product was awesome. It rejuvenated a 5-year-old tattoo and made it look like new again. Mad Rabbit absorbed into the skin very easily without being greasy." — Janson Ward
A jar of Museum Gel so you don't have to worry about your cat, dog or kid knocking over your framed photos
See why one TikTok reviewer with small children loves it here! Each jar is good for up to 300 uses. To use, just grab a bit of gel, roll it into a ball and stick it to the bottom of any item you'd like to protect. It's removable, reusable and won't ruin your furniture. Plus, some reviewers say it's great for keeping things like cabinet and drawer liners from sliding around.

Promising review: "I got this because we have several anime figures and Nintendo Amiibos we keep on our desks and TV stands. Our cats like to knock them off the table so I got this museum wax to help prevent that. It works fantastic and when we moved our figures around it was incredibly easy to remove and reapply. Additionally, a piece the size of a skittle is all you need for one figure, so it goes a long way and will be a long time before you ever run out." — Bryce
A bottle-emptying cap since somehow no one has designed a bottle that will perfectly empty out every last drop
See one TikToker's positive review here! Each kit includes three adapters in different sizes to fit pretty much any bottle.

Promising review: "Well worth it! Think of all the product in bottles you waste every year by not using something like this. It certainly covers the cost of this item! I love it!" — Rock360
An ear-washing bottle because no matter how good a cotton swab feels, it's probably doing more harm than good
Promising review: "My son has earaches all the time. Took him to ear doctor and they basically said he's got a lot of ear wax buildup and to purchase this item. I was skeptical at first but as soon as I used it on my son, he had so much relief because all of the hardened wax was pumped out. I use it on myself and it's worth every penny and so much cheaper than going to the ear doctor every other month." — Tootie
A set of bedsheet fasteners designed to keep sheets corners attached to the mattress
Promising review: "I love these! Since I started using them my sheets haven’t popped off once, and that used to be a several-times-a-night problem I had because I toss and turn when I sleep. Thank you TikTok!" — Gabby
A jar of internet-beloved The Pink Stuff because this slightly abrasive paste is amazing
Promising review: "THIS STUFF IS MAGIC.If you’re questioning getting this to clean harder stains or anything, this is your review to read! I was a little skeptical because I’ve tried many things to clean my shower door with the hard-water stains and nothing really ever got it completely clean...this stuff did! I wish I would have taken before pictures. It did take a couple of applications and some scrubbing, but honestly I didn’t have to scrub hard,just used a wet cloth and this and my shower door is now completely clean without any hard water stains! I’m obsessed. Now to see what else I can clean with it." — R. Ford
A set of Wad-Free pads so you don't have to run your dryer three times to untangle fitted sheets
Wad-Free is a small business established in 2020 after the founder, Cyndi Bray, learned computer-aided design to create the pads.

Promising review: "THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!!!! I saw a TikTok about these and decided to order. Sheets balling all up in the washer and dryer has been a pet peeve of mine for forever. I was super skeptical of these, but I tried it, and it works as advertised! It’s a little on the expensive side IMO, and that’s kinda holding me back from purchasing a second set, but they really do work." — StrangerThings
A hair treatment infused with collagen
Check out rave reviews from folks with fine hair, curly hair and type 4c hair.

Promising review: "This mask is a holy grail for my hair. It makes it incredibly smooth, soft, and revitalized. I loved it so much that I bought my mom one as well." — Maneet Gill
A plant-based cooking oil solidifier so you can stop pouring leftover oil into a jar
FryAway is a woman- and Latine-owned small business started by Laura Lady, who loves both cooking and being kind to the planet. They donate 1% of revenue to nonprofits focused on water conservation.

Promising review: "Honestly I didn’t know if this would work, waiting for it to cool down made me nervous, but once it was at room temperature it was solid. It popped out of the fryer so nicely. Worth every penny." — Emma
And a "Bacon Bin" so can stop ruining your drains by pouring bacon drippings in them
Check out a TikTok of the bacon bin in action.

Talisman Designs is a small business that specializes in at-home cooking and entertaining products.

Promising review: "This thing is awesome. Big enough to hold plenty of grease without taking up a ton of space. I keep mine in the butter compartment of my fridge next to the butter. I poured the grease right from the pan, still very hot right into it, and popped the lid on and put it in the fridge. Next time I needed some grease, I scooped some out with a spoon, no muss no fuss. Much better than the glass jar I was using. My only warning is if you get it out when people are visiting keep an eye on it. It's so cute and so good at its job everyone will want one. This is an awesome gift idea. The little box it comes in is so cute with its little piggie face sticking out. Anyone who cooks with grease will love this." — John Dollard
A super popular ChomChom pet hair remover for your couch, bed and more
Promising review: "This thing is magical and I wish I had found it sooner. Even the most stubborn of dog hairs that have been seemingly woven into the fabric of your couch are no match for the ChomChom. The satisfying click of the roller will have you ChomChom-ing every surface you possibly can, while your dog looks at you in cold betrayal for removing his precious fur deposits. He plots revenge against this new nemesis, revenge that is doomed to fail from the start, because the ChomChom is far too powerful. Meanwhile, you are transfixed by the serotonin rush filling your brain as your ChomChom fills with more and more hair, leaving a path of de-furred sofa in its wake. The dog barks in disapproval. You smile, finally sitting on fur-free furniture for the first time in a long time. Maybe you’ll even have friends over now." — Will
A box of wart-removing pads so you can finally remove that bump that has been tormenting you
Promising review: "I had a hideous wart on one of my left toes that just wouldn't go away. I tried cutting it off and applying a peeling solution on it, but it came coming back with a vengeance. It was a cause of irritation and embarrassment that I couldn't even wear slides or flip-flops over the summer. Until I found this product. I checked CVS, Rite Aid and Target and this was still the best priced product, so I bought a box to try. Without even a month of using these medicated pads, the wart is gone! I have no complaints about the adhesion cuz it was completely intact after 48 hours of putting it on, despite getting them wet a lot (I shower twice a day). Within a week of using these, the tough top of the wart started to peel off with the medicated pad. I decided to continue using the medicated pad to ensure the roots of the wart went away as well. Now, there are NO traces of the wart, at all! I am super happy about this product and recommend it to whoever needs to get rid of a wart." — Elaine Corpin
A shirt folder to transform your closet or drawers from a chaotic mess into something store-worthy
Promising review: "My first reaction was 'Why did I buy this?' because when I opened the box I wasn't too convinced by the way it looked. Then I gave it a try with a couple of shirts I had just washed, and next thing you know I simply had to do my entire drawer! Everything folds so pretty, neatly, and easily. I still couldn't believe it, so I ended up organizing our bedsheets and towels. I am amazed at how much of a game changer this is. It's a must-try! I am in love with how beautiful it leaves my clothes." — Jesus Antonio Vedia
A set of gold cable organizers so you don't have to fight to untangle your cords
Brighttia is a New York-based Etsy shop established in 2018 that specializes in industrial and modern interior lighting and decor.

Promising review: "These brass cable organizers are beautiful and high quality. I’m using two of them to keep a plug-in sconce cord attached to the wall and to direct the cord to the electrical outlet. These little gold pieces add a touch of functionality and glamour to the sconces. Exactly what I was looking for." — Amy Margolis
An electric mug warmer that's gonna save you from countless trips to the microwave
Reviewers suggest turning the heat down from high to medium once your drink gets down to about the halfway point so it stays a comfortable temperature!

Promising review: "This is my third Vobaga coffee warmer. I bought the first one in 2018, and it's still going strong. It keeps my coffee hot to the last drop. It's important to remember it doesn't heat up cold beverages to piping hot. It keeps hot beverages hot." — hottytoddy
A stainless-steel tongue scraper designed to scrape away your bad breath
Promising review: "I hate brushing my tongue, I also hate having bad breath, decided to try a tongue scraper. I was skeptical about the claim that it doesn’t trigger the gag reflex but I gave it a try and it’s amazing. It doesn’t make me gag like brushing, it cleans my tongue way more effectively than brushing and the gunk doesn’t come back as fast. My breath smells better, things taste better and my mouth feels cleaner. I love this thing!" — Jo. K.
A glow-in-the-dark Fire TV Stick remote case
Check out a TikTok of the glow-in-the-dark case in action.

Promising review: "It’s a thin silicone case that slips right on and has holes for all buttons and the microphone in the right places. It also has raised dots on the back to make it easy to grip. With the easy to see color, I no longer lose my remote in the couch cushions. Highly recommend." — S. Mizrahi
And a universal remote attachment that'll ensure you never try to turn the TV on with the volume remote again
Promising review: "Before: three remotes, one for the screen (on/off), a separate one for the sound system (volume) and of course the Fire TV Stick remote. After: just the one convenient integrated unit. No more scrambling to find the remote to do what I want, cause it's all right there in the one unit. I wish I'd have bought one years ago cause the multi-remote Tango got old real fast." — Chapman Baetzel
First Aid Beauty's KP Bump Eraser body scrub loved by reviewers with skin conditions like keratosis pilaris
Check out a TikTok of the KP bump eraser in action.

Read more about how to treat keratosis pilaris at home at the American Academy of Dermatology.

Promising review: "I've recently had a problem with these weird, itchy, acne-like bumps all over my chest and shoulders. I’ve tried tons of washes, creams, treatments, etc. but nothing seemed to be working and then I saw a review of this scrub on TikTok and decided to try it. I shower every morning and take about a fingertip full of the scrub and gently rub it over my chest and shoulders then wash it off, and after a couple of weeks my skin was already getting so much better; and I have super sensitive skin too so I’m impressed it didn’t get irritated. Overall would definitely recommend!" — Olivia Parker
Vimhue / Etsy
A high-ponytail running cap with UPF 50 protection
Check out a TikTok of the Vimhue running hats in action.

Vimhue is an Arizona-based, woman-owned small business that specializes in uniquely engineered running hats.

Promising review: "Love this hat so much! I already ordered another one in a different color for myself and one for a friend! I live in Texas near the Gulf — really humid and really hot. I walk three to four miles outside most days and I’d been wishing for a hat that allowed for a high ponytail so I could keep my hair off my neck to not get as hot/sweaty. Decided to Google it and found this and was thrilled! The X straps are easy to adjust and it fits great and is breathable. And it’s super cute!" — mlp06h
A kids' art frame for parents who are handed a new piece of artwork about every 30 minutes
Check out a TikTok of the art frames in action.

Promising review: "Wish I'd known about these with my first kid... or my second. Now I'm on my third and our kitchen was littered with art projects. These were a great solution to clear out the clutter and make my kitchen look less like a kindergarten classroom. The frames store A LOT of art in them and each kid has their own frame and can decide which picture to put on display. Magnetic case makes it easy to open but stays shut when it's supposed to." — probooks627
A Door-Doc so you can easily prop open your front-load washer to prevent mold and mildew
Check out a TikTok of the Door-Doc in action.

Door-Doc is a small business specializing in home laundry solutions.

Promising review: "I’d never had any issues with mold or any nastiness accruing inside my washer, until I did. I read a bunch of reviews and convinced myself I didn’t need such an item — after all, I could just prop the door open after every wash. The thing is, the way the washer is positioned in the laundry room, I’d hit the washer door every time I went in there. I gave in and made the purchase. Sooooo worth it! Easy to maneuver around and it’s a sturdy little gadget. Highly recommend!!!" — painterJane
A DogBuddy pooper scooper to put an end to picking up hot, smushy dog doo doo with only a thin layer of plastic
Check out a TikTok of the DogBuddy scooper in action.

DogBuddy is a small business specializing in pet care products including bowls, mats and scoopers.

Promising review: "I normally don’t leave reviews but this is amazing! It’s easy to use and saves so many dog bags if you’re taking a number of dogs on a walk because you don’t need to open a new bag for each poop. It also makes the whole process a lot less gross.I would 100% recommend this for dog walks and even picking up poop in the backyard.It holds a lot more than you’d think!" — Joslyn Cavitt
A retainer cleaner to help get rid of that funky smell they've developed
Promising review: "I really loved this product. I am currently waiting for a new Invisalign set. My old Invisalign needed to be cleaned. I read the reviews and decided to purchase. OMG it worked! There was a fresh taste and they were clean. I wished I had found this product sooner. I did let them soak overnight only because I had been wearing them for the last four months. Nothing happened to Invisalign; there was no weakness or anything. Just very clean and fresh. If I could have given the product 10 stars I would have." — Lisa R.
A bottle of Tend Skin Solution so you can say goodbye to the razor bumps, ingrowns and razor burn
Promising review: "After many years of razor burn on my face/neck, I finally broke down and bought this per friend's recommendation. I have sensitive skin and had given up hope that anything could help. This totally changed my outlook on shaving. My neck especially would be the worst. I dab it on immediately after I rinse and dry, post-shave. It does burn a bit but that goes away pretty quickly. Totally worth it to not have razor burn/bumps anymore. I only apply it once after shaving even though the directions recommend repeat applications the following day. Go ahead and purchase, you won't be disappointed!" — bill nye
A double-layer litter-trapping mat if you're tired of feeling like you are walking on a beach when you go past their box
This mat is water-resistant and has a unique design to not only trap the litter, but keep it between the two layers so you can easily dump it back into the box instead of wasting it.

Promising review: "I have purchased A LOT of mats that are supposed to help with litter control and have had very little success with finding anything worth using long term. Until now!! I bought two of these mats….one for under the litter box and one for outside in front of the box as the cats jump out and go on their way. So far these mats have caught 99% of the litter! They are very sturdy, yet soft. Before I bought these, I was constantly sweeping litter at the doorway and vacuuming the pieces that somehow made it to the rug. Not anymore!!! These mats catch nearly all litter. They are easy to clean. And very easy to pick up and dump. This will now be my forever go-to mat. And if you don’t have cats and just need something easy to clean to catch outside dirt and such, get this!! Worth every penny!!!" — HB
A set of water-absorbent wristbands so you can stop dealing with soaking wet sleeves while you wash your face
Promising reviews: "I got so frustrated when I went to wash off my makeup at night and water rolled down to my elbow and got the sink/floor wet. I saw somebody with something similar and knew I needed these. I love them." — Anissa

"Love these! Never been happier to wash my face in my life. I absolutely hate water running down my arms and these are perfect for this issue and have been! I’m also plus size and have had no issue putting these on. Love the colors too!" — Vivian
A pack of light-dimming stickers because, yes, those little dots of light are enough to keep you up at night
The pack comes with a variety of shapes and sizes so you can dim anything from the annoying dot of light on your TV to the time on your alarm clock.

Promising review: "If you are like me and have to cover up the random LED lights on an alarm clock or floor fan to prevent them from beaming into your retinas when you’re trying to sleep, I highly suggest picking these stickers up. Even though they’re opaque, they block enough light to where it’s no longer noticeable in the room. An added (and likely intentional) benefit of the opaque stickers is that you can still clearly see the power buttons and indicator lights of an electronic. Overall I totally recommend buying if you want to stop laying a random sock in front of your alarm clock light lol." — Heather
A snaking tool that will make it incredibly obvious why your tub is taking forever to drain
Promising review: "My bathroom sink was slowly getting plugged up to the point that it took a minute or so to empty out, even when there wasn’t much water in it. So at long last, I deployed this tool, and in short order, bunches of hair and other disgusting things came out and that fixed the problem. Would buy again." — Traveler
A fabric shaver, because the little pilled up balls of fabric all over your clothes are not it
If using on clothing, make sure to hold it tight so the shaver doesn't catch and make a hole. (If you get the battery-operated version, you'll also need AA batteries.)

Promising review: "A literal MUST-BUY!! Bought this for my couch after seeing so many people reviewing it on social media and it worked like a charm! Those little lint balls were so frustrating after I would wash my cushion covers but this little tool fixed that problem in minutes. About to go use this on everything I own!!" — Ashley

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