The Best 4/20 Gift Guide For The Socially Conscious Stoner

These 14 cannabis brands are trying to make the legal weed business more inclusive and socially equitable.
This 4/20, you have the option of consuming more consciously.
Illustration: Chris McGonigal/HuffPost; Photos: Getty Images/Stone Road/Pure Beauty/Pardiso/Vessel
This 4/20, you have the option of consuming more consciously.

It’s funny how much our collective perception of the term “stoner” has shifted during the last few years, as more attention has been drawn to both the healing potential of cannabis and the racist, classist forces that result in Black and brown people being unjustly and disproportionately incarcerated for possession. As more states legalize, there’s a more urgent need for consumers everywhere to support social-impact efforts.

As a Latinx weed consumer and a publicist for the past decade (I am currently not financially affiliated with any brand in particular), I’ve been acutely aware of how cannabis companies are choosing to market themselves and align with ― or ignore ― the effort to be more socially responsible. Today, many consumers are thoughtfully choosing where to spend their hard-earned cash. And it’s clear that some cannabis companies are at least trying to be more inclusive, intentional, and willing to acknowledge our country’s fraught history with the now-almost wholesome drug.

Only time will set apart the truly inclusive cannabis companies that operate with intention from the ones that are more performative. But here are some brands I am excited about right now.

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Photo Courtesy of Pure Beauty
Pure Beauty
Pure Beauty, a female- and BIPOC-owned brand, donates a portion of its proceeds to fund programming for currently and formerly incarcerated populations. Their perfectly sized pre-rolls — the Babies Pink Box — are ideal for individual use.
Photo Courtesy of Go Easy
Go Easy
This brand, owned and operated by women, is working to break the stigma associated with cannabis, starting in their home state of Texas. This cloud pipe not only hits like a dream, it's an aesthetically pleasing piece to add to your gear collection.
Photo: B Noble / Curaleaf
B Noble
Bernard Noble, a formerly incarcerated activist, partnered with Curaleaf to create an incredible set of pre-rolls, with proceeds going to legal funding to defend people from "unjust cannabis-related jurisdiction." To consume a great product while helping dismantle the systems of racism that still affect so many families is nothing less than a privilege.
Photo: Amanda Picotte for Stone Road
Stone Road
Stone Road is, by far, a favorite with consistent quality. Alongside its top-tier herb, Stone Road applies sustainable and regenerative practices on its California farm, and is an inclusive, queer-owned brand with campaign imagery that represents its clientele. My personal favorite is their hash-infused pre-rolls.
Photo Courtesy of Leune
Leune is a South Asian woman-owned brand that focuses on the holistic joys of getting lifted. Part of the proceeds go to the Last Prisoner Project, an initiative for restorative justice across the country. With investors such as Carmelo Anthony, La La Anthony and Rich Paul, this lauded brand leads with its signature Gem Drops, the best low-dose gummies in the game.
Photo Courtesy of Sackville
This woman-owned and -operated gear brand based out of NYC produces chic, gilded weed accessories that will take your smoke sesh to the next level. My personal favorites are the Gold Grinders and joint keychains (so you can remember where your keys are).
Photo Courtesy of Paradiso
This women- and Latinx-owned brand from the Salinas Valley is a must-have for me whenever I'm back in my hometown. I love supporting young, social equity-minded entrepreneurs. Paradiso's flower comes from a farm area in the California Central Valley, grown intentionally and yielding a high-quality buzz.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Vessel
Vessel is a line of high-end vape pen batteries and dry-herb accessories made with premium materials and finishes. Its ongoing partnership with Gaiaca Waste Revitalization — among other eco-conscious efforts — works to combat the ongoing waste issue facing the cannabis vape industry. The bowl can hold up to 1g of flower, and with Vessel’s signature double-helix interior spiral, the smoke is cooled for an incomparably smooth hit.
Photos Courtesy of Miss Grass
Miss Grass
Miss Grass hits hard with these mini-dose pre-rolls, and donates a portion of its proceeds to the Last Prisoner Project, Women’s Prison Association and Trans Lifeline — which means you can consume consciously in more ways than one.
Photo: Tom Bowers for Sundae School
Sundae School
"Born in Seoul, raised in California" is the motto of this BIPOC- and LGBTQ-owned clothing and cannabis brand, with its commitment to diversity and equity in the industry. Sundae School works specifically with minority-owned businesses, from small flower businesses in California to garment factories hiring single parents in Seoul, South Korea. The brand also makes it a priority to partner with people and brands that mirror their ideals. The brown sugar indica Mochi edibles are definitely a dreamy flavor journey.
Photo Courtesy of Seaweed Naturals
SeaWeed Naturals
Founded by the grandchildren of explorer Jacques Cousteau, SeaWeed Naturals practices sustainability on multiple levels, investing in restorative ocean practices and partnering with Atlantic Sea Farms in Maine, where the brand sources its seaweed ingredients. It's also helping support livable incomes for fishermen up and down the coast of Maine. My go-to is the CBD/THC Comfort Tincture.
Photo Courtesy of Weekenders
The Weekenders adhere to sustainable farming practices, and its leadership team of BIPOC and women founders aim to bring more inclusion to the world of cannabis. Their gentle pre-rolls have proven to be the perfect relaxation aid after a long workday.
Photo: Kin Slips
Kin Slips
Kin Slips are discreet and innovative, and the brand behind them is community-oriented -- donating these infused sublingual strips to low-income medical patients, veterans and seniors throughout California, including via Highway 1 Distribution, California Street Cannabis Company, the Higher Path, Cornerstone Wellness and Padre Mu. I am a Float On kinda gal, but every product they offer is exceptional, allowing for instant gratification with the fast onset.
Photo Courtesy of Dreamt
Latinx women-owned, Dreamt is the first brand from Ciencia Labs, a Los Angeles-based collective with the goal of addressing common health problems more holistically. This 45-Night Sleep Pen aims to help people who have problems drifting off or staying asleep.

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