30 Perfect Gifts For Under $30

Designer perfume travel sets, Apple AirTags, waterproof earbuds and more awesome gifts, all under $30.
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Move over, Forbes! There’s a new 30 under 30 in town, and this one won’t make you feel bad about yourself and the state of your career. In fact, this list is geared to make you and your wallet feel good heading into the holiday season. From fancy salts to electric mug warmers, we’ve found the best holiday presents under $30. They’re thoughtful, sleek pieces that you’ll be proud to give — and more importantly, that your loved one will be happy to open.

These 30 amazing presents prove that good gift-giving doesn’t have to break the bank. The best presents aren’t always the biggest or most expensive items; sometimes they’re something your loved one will use every day, like a portable phone charger or at-home cold brew maker. Sometimes they’re something that feels a little luxurious, like a designer cologne or a soft leather notebook.

Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive but useful for a gift exchange or just want to stay on budget this winter, this list of presents has something for everyone — all $30 or under.

HuffPost receives a share from retailers on this page. Every item is independently selected by the HuffPost Shopping team. Prices and availability are subject to change.

A hot and cold ceramic cup from Haand
Made from lead-free glazed white porcelain, this 9-ounce cup from Haand is a rustic but elegant addition to any kitchen. Handmade in North Carolina, it's microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.
Bombas moisture-wicking wool blend ankle socks
For cozy toes in the winter, grab your loved one a pair of ankle socks from Bombas. They're soft and warm without getting sweaty and they come in 11 fun colors.
A waterproof and shockproof speaker
Perfect for pool parties, beach days or just taking a shower, this waterproof and shockproof wireless speaker is about the size of a can of soda and comes with a carabiner clip for easy travel.
HuffPost's favorite hoop earrings
I've written before about my love for these budget-friendly chunky hoops, which I never take off (you can ask my editor). They come in silver in gold in four different sizes and are super lightweight, easy to wear and have never hurt my ears, which can be finicky with cheap jewelry.
A reusable, oven-safe baking liner from Gir
Gir makes super durable user-friendly cooking and baking goods in amazing colors. The bakers in your life will love this reusable oven-safe baking liner, freeing them from ever buying parchment paper again.
Laneige lip sleeping mask
The Laneige lip mask is a crowd-pleaser among HuffPost readers (and staff). Though it's technically a night mask, Huffpost's head of life, Kristen Aiken, says she uses it all the time because it keeps her lips from getting dry and cracked. It's more luxe than a drugstore chapstick, but affordable enough to be a stocking stuffer or little gift.
Fly By Jing Sichuan chili crisp
Pizza, eggs, dumplings, salads and even ice cream — this Sichuan chili crisp from Fly By Jing goes with almost everything. The spice lover in your life will relish dolloping a healthy spoonful of this flavorful spice mix onto all sorts of meals and snacks.
Apple AirTag
You can't give your loved one world peace, but you can give them some peace of mind by setting them up with an Apple AirTag to track their keys or wallet. It's about the size of a quarter and can be slipped in a backpack or clipped onto a key ring to help you keep tabs on your things.
"I Dream of Dinner" by Ali Slagle
Recipe developer, food stylist and proud home cook Ali Slagle is all about accessibility. Her new cookbook "I Dream of Dinner" is filled with easy, affordable recipes that you'll swear came from a restaurant.
YSL perfume minis
Designer fragrances don't have to come with a hefty price tag. This YSL set contains mini travel bottles of Y eau de parfum and eau de toilette, keeping your loved on smelling fresh on the go.
A classic Moleskin notebook
In the fall, we asked professional writers for their favorite notebooks and unsurprisingly, many cited Moleskine. The brand's high-quality books are made with super soft leather that can make a recipient feel organized even when writing a rushed grocery list.
Spicewalla's salt set
Spicewalla makes gorgeous, delicious spice mixes and herbs that any home chef will love. Their salt trio, featuring sea salt, Himalayan pink salt and flake salt ,will be the perfect addition to any kitchen — even sweet parents who don't like things too spicy.
A set of four can tumbler glasses
Shopping editor Emily Ruane had her eye on these sleek, dishwasher-safe glasses during Prime Day this summer. They come in packs of four, are surprisingly durable and make a great gift for a new homeowner or a gift swap game.
Glossier mega greens galaxy clay face mask
Have a spa day at home with this white kaolin clay face mask. It's packed with leafy greens and superfruit antioxidants to minimize pores and address extra oil and impurities.
An Amazon smart plug
Although this may not be the sexiest present, I promise it will be the most useful. This smart plug from Amazon turns any outlet into a voice-activated device that can be turned on or off with your smartphone. Shout to turn off the coffee pot, TV, or hair straightener as you're rushing out the door in the morning.
A personalized initials necklace
An elegant, simple gift for a parent, newlywed or anyone who loves minimalist jewelry, this personalized initial necklace is made to order, and ready to proclaim your affection for a person, child, pet, spouse or anything else.
An electric mug warmer
Busy parents and anyone working from home will love this desktop mug warmer that keeps your beverage hot, even if you forget about it for an hour.
A set of planters
Shopping writer Tessa Flores loves her set of ceramic planters from The Next Gardener Inc. She says the planters are made with sturdy glazed clay and are an ideal size for growing plants.
A set of six marble coasters
Bring some color into your loved one's home with this set of six marbled coasters. They come with a chic gold stand and a cork base to protect your tables.
A mini Le Creuset stoneware cocotte
This 8-ounce Le Creuset cocotte is perfect for individual servings, salts, garnishes and just sheer cuteness. It's dishwasher- and microwave-safe and comes in 11 colors.
Brightland orange blossom honey
This jar of 100% pure raw, unfiltered honey is from bees that live on California orange groves. It's light and clean, making it a perfect topping for fruits, hard cheeses, tea and root veggies. It's also a perfect addition to dressings and marinades.
Mario Badescu mini face sprays
What's better than a good-smelling, easy-to-carry face spray? An assortment of four travel-sized mists so that they can keep one in each bag. This Mario Badescu set is an elevated stocking stuffer that will keep anyone's skin feeling refreshed on the go.
A plant lover's puzzle
The Venn diagram of puzzlers and plant lovers comes together with this vibrant 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. It will keep your loved one busy for days on end and will look amazing when it's done.
Waterproof wireless ear buds
A perfect set of budget earbuds for kids and teens, these TOZO T6 headphones are completely waterproof and last 10 hours between charges. They also have over 160,000 five-star ratings.
Pure Matcha from Golde
Make hot and cold drinks, ice pops, baked goods and more with this tin of pure Matcha from Golde. This container makes about 15 servings of matcha, so you're also saving your loved one from racking up a steep tab at their favorite cafe.
Wordle, the board game
The reigning Wordle champion in your life will be overjoyed to brag about their word skills in person. This new board game makes the beloved app an IRL experience that's still competitive.
Wide-legged French terry sweatpants made from a recycled polyester blend
These chic and comfortable sweatpants are made from a crowd-pleasing blend of cotton and recycled polyester, and are cut with a stylish wide leg that offers a bit more flair than your average joggers. They're available in sizes XS through XXL in black, heather gray (pictured here), off-white, and teal. (Note that some colors have started to sell out in certain sizes.)
A mini portable phone charger
No bigger than a tube of lipstick, this portable iPhone charger is small but mighty and contains one full phone charge.
La Dieux reusable eye masks
Say goodbye to cheap paper drug store face masks and introduce your loved one to these ultra-luxe, lightweight reusable under-eye patches. They seal your favorite moisturizing products into your skin for smooth, restful looking eyes.
A super sleek home cold brew maker
The ice coffee lover in your life will drool over this super chic, bottle-shaped cold brew maker and travel tumbler.
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