These Under-$40 Office Supplies Are Ridiculously Good-Looking

Even if your home office feels complete, these items will introduce a new level of comfort and convenience — and they’re all under $40.
The Container Store's stapler and tape dispenser, a foam wrist pad and a desk pad.
Amazon, The Container Store
The Container Store's stapler and tape dispenser, a foam wrist pad and a desk pad.

By now, there’s a good chance your work from home setup is pretty well established. Whether you’re working from a desk, a dining table or (if you’re lucky) an outdoor patio, having a routine and designated spot in your home with the necessary office supplies needed to get work done is now a regular part of daily life for many of us. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still tweaks and additional items we can utilize to make our work area more functional and comfy while also giving it a facelift.

Below, we’ve rounded up a list of affordable — and attractive — office supplies to make your work-from-home life easier, more convenient and aesthetically pleasing. These items run the gamut from cable organizers to chic folders, catchalls, laptop accessories and more, all of which are all accessibly priced under $40. Keep reading to pick a few up for yourself and enjoy the renewed motivation that comes with making a purchase that is as functional as it is good looking.

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A gel memory foam wrist pad set of two
Available in 14 colors, these wrist pads for keyboard and mouse use can help keep you comfortable while adding a pop of color to your desk. They're made with light, breathable and durable material, cushy memory foam and an ergonomic design. They can help to improve hand and wrist posture to avoid joint and wrist issues, all for less than $15.
A cute mini space heater
If you're like me, there's a good chance you're cold all day long. This tiny space heater is as cute as it is effective. It's available in four colors, is compact enough to tuck under a table or place on a desktop, is made with efficient ceramic coils that heat up quickly and features tip-over protection to keep everything safe.
A set of three pastel-hued scissors
Keep these beauties close at hand for any of your cutting, slicing and trimming needs. They couldn't be cuter, and are ideal for everything from arts and crafts to opening up packages, trimming photos and more. They have a comfortable, ergonomic grip and are sturdy, sharp and versatile.
A ring light
Look and feel your most confident during video calls with the help of this handy ring light that's small, compact and lightweight. It has a rechargeable USB battery and is adjustable with three different light settings. Once you see the difference a ring light makes, you won't be able to go back to Zoom meetings without one.
The Container Store
A chic tape dispenser and stapler set
The sky blue shade of this sweet Poppin duo is pretty cute, but it's still hard to choose between it and the other five lovely hues. If you need tape and a stapler to get your job done, why not choose a set that will perk up your workspace and put a smile on your face?
Pottery Barn
A ceramic desktop organization set
This elegant ceramic organization set is a timeless, sophisticated way to keep your desktop tidy and clean. It comes with four different-sized vessels to hold anything from pens, scissors, your smart phone, clips and more along with a ceramic tray. It can be used in multiple configurations and is as functional as it is attractive. It looks much more expensive than it actually is!
A set of three customizable notebooks
There's nothing like a fresh notebook to get the creative juices flowing. This set of three from Etsy seller lucysaysido can be customized, so you can pick the cover art that best suits your own design style. These A5 notebooks come in your choice of 12 beautiful cover designs and feature thick, lined pages.
A cute wrist-supporting mouse pad
Keep wrist discomfort at bay with a mouse pad that is as cool as it is functional. Available in 24 different colors, patterns and designs, this mouse pad is constructed with smooth and comfortably soft memory foam with a non-slip PU rubber base so it won't flop or slip around.
A Leuchtturm1917 notebook
If you love a classic, old-school style notebook, it doesn't get much better than a Leuchtturm1917. Available in 25 colors, this iconic notebook comes with plain, dotted, ruled or squared sheets. The medium size is big enough to hold all your notes but compact enough that it won't take over your desk space. The sheets are thick and luxurious, while the durable cover can withstand use, travel and wear.
West Elm
A Lazy Susan from West Elm
Keep your desktop items neatly contained in a simple and sweet Lazy Susan container. It's available in three neutral colors and is an easy way to prevent a mess from ever occurring in the first place.
A laptop riser
Keep your neck and shoulders comfortable while maintaining the sleek and clean aesthetic of your workspace with a simple aluminum laptop riser. It comes in nine different colors, so you can match your laptop or the surrounding area, and is suitable for laptops from 10 to 15.6-inches. It's sturdy and portable, so you can easily transport it to and from the office if you have a hybrid work model or are traveling.
A keyboard dust cleaner
This is one of those items you don't realize you need until you try one for the first time. Once you see how much gunk is lifted out of your keyboard you'll never go a week without using it again. It's made with a biodegradable gel with a subtle lemon fragrance and won't feel sticky on your hands. It can be used for a long time if it's cleaned and stored properly in its container.
Rifle Paper Co.
Rifle Paper Co.'s set of assorted file folders
If you're looking for absolutely adorable office supplies of all kinds, Rifle Paper Co. has you covered. I'm particularly besotted with these sweet file folders that will look great on display and keep work contained and safe. Get this set of three in one of four different colors and patterns.
Urban Outfitters
A catchall tray from Urban Outfitters
This simple, streamlined ceramic tray by Departo is ideal for keeping your phone, jewelry or any other knickknacks contained at your desk while adding a hint of visual appeal. The neutral color palette and rustic stoneware aesthetic is perfect for a minimalist work from home desk, and it'll keep you from losing your rings as you type away on your keyboard.
A set of concrete business card holders
If you're into minimalist chic, then check out these concrete business card holders from Etsy shop CastingTheory. They present an easy way to store business cards without the use of plain cardboard boxes or anything that takes up a lot of space in a drawer or on a desktop. Pick from one of 14 colors.
A cable management box
Few things are more unsightly than a messy tangle of cables. This larger-sized cable-hiding box is big enough to accommodate a power strip, though there is a smaller option available as well. Pick from black or white and then get ready to never think about your cables again.
Three cloud-shaped mini box cutters
It doesn't get much cuter than these cloud-shaped box cutters. They're perfect for opening mail and breaking down cardboard packages. They have a sharp, durable blade and can be hung on a key ring for convenience.
A multifunctional desk pad
This wide double-sided desk mat is made of plant-based eco-friendly cork along with soft and strong faux leather. It's easy to clean, has a wide surface and comes in 19 cool color combinations.
A ceramic pencil holder
This pencil and pen holder is just as much an accessory item as it is an organization item. It's a ceramic cup that keeps your work utensils in order while adding a fruity splash of color to your workspace without being too over the top.

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