Fox News Host Hopes Trump Will 'Forgive' Pence For Not Overturning The Election

Ainsley Earhardt said she hoped Trump would overlook Pence not changing the electoral count — something a vice president doesn't have the authority to do.

“Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt said Thursday that she hoped President Donald Trump would “forgive” Vice President Mike Pence for not overturning the election results, prompting an incredulous response from one of her co-hosts.

“I hope that doesn’t taint that relationship because they have been such supporters of one another and been a good team,” Earhardt said after co-host Steve Doocy criticized Trump for ramping up pressure on Pence to block the certification of President-elect Joe Biden.

“How could it be good after that?” Doocy asked in surprise.

“His walk with God is amazing,” Earhardt said, referring to Pence. “He’s a good man, and both of them have done a lot to help the country, and I hope that they can move forward and move past this and just agree that there were differences. I’m sure the president feels like, ‘I’m responsible for him becoming vice president so he should have done this for me.’ ... Hopefully their friendship won’t end after this for the good of the country.”

Doocy wasn’t having this rosy interpretation. “I bet you it’s done,” he said.

Pence, who is usually a Trump loyalist, broke with the president on Wednesday when he issued a letter to Congress stressing that “the presidency belongs to the American people, and to them alone.”

“I do not believe that the Founders of our country intended to invest the Vice President with unilateral authority to decide which electoral votes should be counted during the Joint Session of Congress and no Vice President in American history has ever asserted such authority,” Pence wrote.

As a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol later that day, Trump attacked his vice president for lacking the “courage” to overturn the election results — a comment that made Pence furious, according to Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), who has known Pence for years.

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