Fights Over New Air Jordans Will Make You Think Twice About Why We Buy

Fights Over New Air Jordans Will Make You Think Twice About Why We Buy

Another year, another round of brawls over Nike Air Jordans.

The Air Jordan 11 Retro Gamma Blue, the latest model in the iconic line of basketball shoes, was launched Saturday. Eager shoppers, seeking to be among the lucky few to actually acquire the coveted item, lined up outside stores hours in advance and reportedly even fought over the shoes -- which retail for $185.

A video uploaded by Instagram user omgitsfez appears to capture the mayhem over the shoes inside a Finish Line shoe store in Stockton, Calif., Fox 40 reports:

A fight allegedly over the shoes also broke out in the Bronx, according to USA Today:

The limited-quantity shoe drew large crowds at stores across the country. Last week, customers even broke down a glass door outside a Champs Sports in order to get advance vouchers for the sneakers, USA Today reports.

Nike Air Jordans have a long history of causing trouble on launch day. In 2011, fights broke out over the Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords throughout the country, including a reported gunshot. The same year, police in Seattle used pepper spray to subdue a crowd of around 20 shoppers over-eager for the shoes.

Here's a pair of the latest in question. Worth fighting over?

air jordan gammas

(H/T: Zero Hedge)

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