Allison Williams Has Two Major Bones To Pick With 'The Bachelor'

And she brought one of her grievances directly to Chris Harrison.
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Allison Williams is a self-identifying “Bachelor” superfan. The “Get Out” and “Girls” star has followed the franchise for years, her entire family is on a “Bachelor”-related group text, and she even flew herself out to LA on short notice to appear on the official “Bachelor” after show last year.

But even the most dedicated of fans have their grievances with the show. So when Williams joined HuffPost’s Here To Make Friends podcast this week, she made her concerns known.

Williams is distressed that there seems to be a lack of two items in “The Bachelor” mansion ― and perhaps the entire “Bachelor” world: water and tissues.

“Is there no water anywhere in this house? Because it’s all anyone needs ― water,” said Williams. “Secondly, what is with the lack of tissues? I brought this up with Chris Harrison, [and] it thudded to the floor. He wouldn’t address it. I’ve had a suspicion for years that there are no tissues offered to [the contestants] ever, especially in the limos after they get cut.”

Fair questions, especially because anyone who has watched “The Bachelor” knows that when contestants leave the show, they cry ― often a whole lot. And even the most delicate and restrained criers probably want a tissue eventually.

“Viola Davis is the only person alive who can elegantly cry all the tears while speaking without a tissue,” said Williams. “No one else can do that. They’re not actresses, they’re not professionals. They’re just people crying... If I were on that show, I’d use the bottom of my fuckin’ dress.”

Chris Harrison et. al., are you taking note?

For more from Allison Williams and about “The Bachelor,” check out HuffPost’s Here To Make Friends podcast below:

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