How To Buy Airline Tickets Like A Pro — And Why You Might Be Doing It Wrong

HuffPost's new podcast "Am I Doing It Wrong?" is here to help you save time and money when booking flights — without sacrificing your sanity.
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There’s nothing like buying an airline ticket to launch cortisol levels into the stratosphere.

Should you use an aggregator or book directly with the airline? Will searching on a Tuesday afternoon score you a deal you couldn’t find shopping for a flight on a Saturday night? Does purchasing inside the legendary “Goldilocks window” really give you the best shot at securing the cheapest fare?

Basically ... how do we save the most time and money without sacrificing our sanity?

That’s exactly what Raj Punjabi and I wanted to find out on this week’s episode of “Am I Doing It Wrong?” — HuffPost’s podcast that explores the all-too-human anxieties we have about trying to get our lives right.

To do so, we lovingly pummeled HuffPost senior reporter Caroline Bologna with all of our airline ticket-related questions, and she expertly separated travel facts from flight fiction so we — and you — can find the very best deals:

Listen to this episode by clicking here.

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