27 Products On Amazon That Inspired Over 1,000 People To Leave A 5-Star Review

A mini griddle, a toothpaste squeezer, the best wrap dress, and 24 other 5-star-worthy products.

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A heavy-duty oven cleaner
Promising review: "We had a cheese disaster in the oven. Dreaded having to do something about it. Read product reviews and went for it. For really bad situations it says you can leave on overnight, which I did. Next morning, wiped out, rinsed, done! Then I immediately bought an oven liner!" — C. Martin
A microwavable popcorn popper
Promising review: "Best popcorn at home! So glad I decided to try it! I’ve tried several different popcorn poppers over the years like many other people. The popcorn is always good but clean up is usually not quick and easy or it has too many pieces or you have to plug in. With this popper, it’s easy and fast to clean, easy to use, fast and efficient, if correct amount of kernels are used ( filled to the line on inside of popper ) you don’t have any spillage or mess to clean up!! The lid contains the popped kernels. I am very satisfied with my purchase! I will buy more poppers now that I know this works so well. I highly recommend this product, it is just what I’ve been wanting. I know you’ll love it too!!" — Allysen
A two-pack of nutritional yeast seasoning
Promising review: "Love this product! It's a great cheese alternative for cheese. I love the freshness and how it complements the taste of your food. Great with popcorn, salads and steamed veggies. I'm sure I can put it in just about anything but so far I'm very happy with it specially in my popcorn." — Karen
A 12-pack of microfiber cleaning cloths
Promising review: "I have had “micro cloths” in the past and I wasn’t satisfied, but these MR. SIGA cloths changed my opinion. There are 12 cloths in the pack so I chose one for the kitchen. I found the quality of this cloth to be soft, non abrasive both on my countertop and cookware and the cloth was absorbent. After wringing it out it dried quickly. There are four colors in the pack: two of blue, green, pink and yellow and are a perfect size to handle, 12x12. I’m excited that I I’ll be able to use these not only in the kitchen but as they advertise on furniture and my car as well. I am very satisfied and if you are going to buy microfiber cloths this is the pack to buy!" — Rose
A Dash mini electric griddle
Promising review: "Fried an egg in it right when i got it. Was perfect size to put on a bagel, also cooked up a sausage patty. Made pancakes this morning, super thick and fluffy. Works great, possibilities are endless, can't wait to buy other Dash products." — Mr. Nevertell
A two-piece loungewear set
Promising review: "Very comfortable, true to size, lightweight, cute, great for travel, running errands or just chilling at home, all for a great price!!" — Julie S.
A stainless-steel sponge holder
Promising review: "This organizer is handy, easy to use and something I needed long ago. So glad I purchased it." — Cohita
An ultra-whitening electric toothbrush
Promising review: "For the price, this so far is a really great toothbrush! I love the different settings, it’s powerful, comfortable to hold, and the little travel case it comes with is a nice bonus feature! My teeth feel SUPER clean after use, which of course is the goal." — Bri Riddle
A two-pack of toothpaste squeezers
Promising review: "This little gadget does what it says. No more half squeezed, crumpled, messy tubes of toothpaste sitting on the countertop. My toothpaste stands upright in the gadget and is always ready to dispense toothpaste. No more fussing with tube to get toothpaste out of it. Excellent purchase!" — charboy
A faux wrap dress
Promising review: "I love the comfort and ease of this dress. So easy to throw on and can dress up or down. The length is perfect as well and I am short. Falls right above the knee." — Melissa
A 12-pack of shoe storage boxes
Promising review: "I absolutely love this shoe storage system! It is easy to assemble, everything fits flush next to each other so there isn't any wasted space. I ordered two sets but then realized I needed two more sets...lol, but I'm very happy with the quality and value of this product and found a great use for my corner shelving in my closet! Highly recommended!" — temcg
A guacamole saver
Promising review: "This is life changing for guacamole lovers! Made this yesterday and have opened the bowl several times. Still fresh!! You do need to smooth out and level the surface of the guac before putting the lid on, and then lock the lid to get out air on the surface before seating the lid completely." — Rebeka Hill
A peel-and-stick wood grain wallpaper
Promising review: "This is some of the most realistic faux wood paper that I've seen. Looks great on my wall." — K. Gillette
A Chop Wizard for chopping veggies
Promising review: "This is a staple in my kitchen now and my favorite too… no more knife slips and cuts. A must have!!!" — Heather
A tub of the Pink Stuff
Promising review: "I love this product! I just cleaned my awful shower ( moldy and mildewy in the grout and corners), and my stove top that was a hot mess! Well with the help of an electric scrubber and that Pink Stuff, my shower and stove are looking almost like new! What's better is I didn't have to use the whole jar, just a small amount on my scrubber utensils a bit on the surfaces wait a few minutes and go to work! This Stuff is The Bomb!!!" — DanElle McCombs
A travel duffel bag
Promising review: "It arrived much earlier than expected! the color is beautiful in addition to the excellent quality with which it is made, it fits many things, buy me more in other colors. recommended." — Rebecca
An anti-fatigue mat
Promising review: "this rug looks perfect in my new kitchen. I changed the flooring and wanted to prevent wear and tear in front of the stove and sink, in addition to making the floor comfortable, as I spend a lot of time standing in this area. this one was perfect." — Monica
A Dash rapid egg cooker
Promising review: "Where has thus been all my life!! Super easy, fresh eggs peel like a charm and super small. Highly recommend this!!!" — Heather L. Fletcher
A two-pack of microwave potato bags
Promising review: "I love this thing! It’s perfect for a busy college student like myself. It comes with two bags so you can wash the other bag while using the other. The instructions say to put the potatoes in for 4 minutes but I put mine in for 8 in two 4 minute rounds (saw this on one of the other reviews and i agree!). It makes the softest potatoes. Smells great and taste just like oven baked potatoes!" — Annie
A loose-fitting half-zip-up sweatshirt
Promising review: "This product exceeded my expectations so much I bought another! They are comfortable and somewhat light. The size was perfect for me. I like my jackets/sweatshirts to be baggy instead of skin tight and this fit my expectations! The sleeves are also a little longer and come just below the wrists. I plan on getting more!" — Davis
A three-drawer teabag organizer every tea lover needs
Promising review: "So pretty on my counter and I love the drawers and that it is clear so that I can see everything. It holds more than I thought and could even hold more. Love it and happy to have it out on my counter with all the pretty tea colors and packages." — Dorothy
And speaking of tea, a 10-pack of snail-shaped teabag holders
Promising review: "Love these fun little quirky tea slugs. They work on all shapes and sizes of mugs and have brought a smile to all who either used them or were the lucky recipients of their own batch of tea slugs from me. They clean up well with just a quick rinse under the sink and are even fun to use on wine or cocktail glasses to help guests track their drink." — NC
A 14-piece food storage container set
Promising review: "These containers helped me to achieve my pantry organizing dreams! I love the assortment of sizes that you get and the customizable labels! Highly recommend!" — michael le beau
A set of six drawer organizers
Promising review: "Perfectly suited for my needs. Just as described. Soft-sided/foldable, yet sturdy. Easy to “assemble”. Portable/great for travel!" — Ania Max
A four-pack of heat-resistant trivets
Promising review: "Love that it is slip resistant, can open bottles and protect surfaces from hot pots and pans." — Allyson
A two-piece PJ set
Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE this set. Fits great, very soft and comfy, stylish, perfect lounge wear or for running errands and shopping. Love that you can dress it down or up. I took on a recent trip to wear to breakfast at the resort and it was perfect. Love it so much I got it in the dusty pink as well. Colors as shown. Highly recommend." — Amy Fritzer
An acacia wood charcuterie board
Promising review: "This board is great for company or just relaxing at home with family. Holds so much! You can really pack on a variety of foods. We use this board so much at our house. Well made. Cleans up easily and stores well in the box it comes in." — Amazon customer

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