This Amazon Smart Thermostat Is 20% Off Today

Amazon's smart thermostat lets you control the temperature from an app on your phone, even if you’re far away from home.
This Amazon smart thermostat is 20% off right now.

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These days, there’s an app for everything, including keeping tabs on the temperature in your home. Amazon offers a smart thermostat that lets you control your home’s temperature from the Alexa app on your phone, even if you’re far away and no matter whether you’re running heat or AC. And today, it’s on sale for the lowest price it’s been in several weeks, clocking in at 20% off.

An Energy Star-certified thermostat, this baby was created for energy efficiency. It can help you manage and lessen your emissions while also saving money on your energy bills. (It may even get you a rebate from your local energy provider. Enter your ZIP code and check for available rebates on the device’s product page.)

With the Alexa app, you can track your emissions and see recommended times to run your HAVC system. You can enable automatic programming so your home will adapt to your ideal temperature completely on its own, and even set the temperature from the app when you’re away, ensuring the perfect setting as you come home from a long day at work or that the AC is off when you’re on vacation.


Created with Honeywell thermostat technology, this thermostat can connect with your home’s Alexa or Echo devices for voice control, or you can use the Alexa app. It has over 19,000 ratings on Amazon and a 4.2-star rating across the board.

To make sure you’re getting the right item for your home, Amazon recommends using the “check compatibility” feature. The device demands a C-wire or a power adapter kit that you can purchase if you don’t have one. Many reviewers say they installed this in their homes on their own, but others suggest having an HVAC company set it up or using the guide on the Alexa app for help.

Grab one today and enjoy effortless temperature control and a comfortable living space. You can read what other reviewers had to say about the device and how it worked in their homes below.

Promising reviews:

“We were really hesitant on installing this thermostat ourselves. We own an airbnb and renters will leave with the thermostat at 65 causing our AC Bill to sky rocket. We followed the direction through the Alexa App, connected the extra “C” Wire as depicted, turned the power back on and boom...we were up and running. Now, we have complete control of the thermostat though we live an hour away. Great Product, just follow the directions. Keep in mind, if you don’t think you can do the install yourself...HIRE a licensed professional to install it. We highly recommend this unit!” — J.McCarty

“I purchased the Amazon thermostat to replace a Honeywell one that seemed to have connection issues. The installation was a breeze and there has been zero issue with connection. I now enjoy being able to control my house temperatures within the Alexa app that also works perfectly. Enjoy the ease of setting up different temperatures at different times of the days and the versatility to even customize each day of the week also. Allows for control of the house temperature if your away for vacation and forget to turn up the thermostat and can easily do so at the touch of your phone screen and also lowering the temperature back down before you return home. This device pays for itself as it allows for precise temperature control at any time. Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to take control of their homes AC unit.” — Brian

“I bought this and had my AC guy install it. He and I took it for a spin after installation and he was amazed at how I can control it through my Alexa AND my phone. I lower the temp on my phone as I leave work so it’s comfy when I arrive home. And I tell my echo show to lower the temp in the middle of the night when I suffer a hot flash. No need to get up and change the temp.” — Kathy Gronau

“I always wanted to upgrade to a smart thermostat so i can control the climate in my house while saving energy but the price was outrageous, while shopping on Amazon I came across this thermostat the price and the quantity of this product blew me away, now all I have to do is enter a few settings and this thermostat will warm the house or cool the house without me having to adjust it, I highly recommend this thermostat.” — courtney young

“I really do love this. You can set up controls so if you don’t want anyone going over set temperature you can lock it out. The wiring was quick and easy with simple step by step walkthrough.” — Ruben Perez

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