These Amazon White Elephant Gifts Are Terrible In The Best Way

Whether you call it White Elephant, Pollyanna or a Yankee Swap, these are the funniest gag gifts under $30.
Fish slides, a toilet mug and Bob Ross ChiaPet.
Fish slides, a toilet mug and Bob Ross ChiaPet.

From White Elephant to Pollyanna, there are many names for the much beloved, fast-paced holiday gift-swap event. Though we may disagree on what the game is called, we all can agree that the ideal gift-exchange present is something relatively cheap and really freaking funny.

Call them tacky, cheesy, cringy or straight-up potty humored, these are not practical, durable presents that you’re glad to own and will last a while. They’re ridiculous, over-the-top items that are meant to make everyone laugh without breaking the bank.

To help you spice up your holiday celebration — and to ensure your funny gift gets there before the big day — we’ve rounded up the best gag gifts you can find on Amazon, all for under $30. Some are so funny, you may buy an extra to keep for yourself.

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Bob Ross ChiaPet
The happiest accident? Someone going home with this Bob Ross ChiaPet this winter.
A can of Whoop Ass
Nothing like a visual to truly send a joke over the edge.
An adult coloring book
De-stress with coloring and the funny and not-work-appropriate one-liners you'll find inside.
Bacon bandages
Like putting a frozen steak on a shiner, only it's a little strip of bacon on a paper cut.
Gift not included
You've heard of "batteries not included” — what about giving batteries and not including the gift? Dad joke-induced groans aside, this gag gift will likely actually get some use this holiday.
Custom picture personalized socks
Put your grandma, dog or boyfriend on a pair of socks and see everyone in the group fight over them. Note: If you want these bad boys by Christmas Day, you'll want to order ASAP.
A puffer for your canned beverage
You love your puffer jacket, so naturally you’ll want a mini one for your favorite canned drink.
A bullshit button
You no longer need to "call" bullshit — you can just hit this button.
A white elephant planter
A little on the nose (or rather, on the trunk), it's a literal white elephant — only it's also a planter. Note that a plant is not included.
Electronic yodeling pickle
The name says it all: It's an electronic yodeling pickle, and it will bring the yodel-lols.
Crypto Hanukkah gelt
You don't need to know how the Blockchain works to know that gelt in the shape of crypto coins is really flippin' funny. This box comes with 36 individually wrapped bags for doling out at your holiday party.
A holiday-themed six-pack fanny pack
Keep your drinks by your side with this holiday-themed waist bag.
Fish shoes
Sometimes you have stinky feet. Now you can have fish feet. These rubber slides come in 12 colors in sizes for kiddos and adults.
Dad joke tumbler
Never be caught without coffee or a dad joke. This 20-ounce tumbler will keep the bits coming and the eyes rolling.
Tummy ache bravery long sleeve
Show off how tough you are (while soliciting pity from those around you) with this funny long-sleeved tee. It comes in five colors in S-XXL.
A pizza blanket
You know about pizza pockets, but what about pizza blankets? Snuggle up in the sauce with this circular blanket printed with photorealistic pepperoni. It’s available in 60-inch and 71-inch diameters.
Lightsaber chopsticks
You don't need to be a "Star Wars" fan to enjoy eating your holiday meal with these glowing lightsaber chopsticks.
A cherry toilet brush
This cheerful plastic toilet brush comes in the inventive shape of a not-so-bathroom-y item to bring a dose of kitsch to any cleaning routine. At about 5 inches in height, it's a perfectly petite gift for a kooky gift exchange.
A silly pair of boxers or sleep shorts
Everyone loves comfy boxers, whether you wear them as underwear or just sleep shorts. These come with fart jokes on the butt, the best kind of silly gift.
A car vent dip clip
Toeing the line between gag gift and genius gadget you'll be happy to have, these dip clips go right on to your car vents, allowing you to slather nuggets and fries with barbecue, sweet and sour or Chick-Fil-A sauce on the go.
A "Wine Condom" to seal up an open bottle
If you're traveling with an open bottle or wine or just want to keep your vino fresh after you've opened, you probably need a set of wine condoms. These water and air-tight rubber seals stretch over your open bottle and offer a priceless visual gag while doing it.
A multi-beverage shower holder
Take your can, wine glass or entire bottle in the shower with this versatile, waterproof drink holder. It has a sticky back that clings to most surfaces for drinking wherever you are.
A pirate style mini waffle maker
A pirate's life for me? Sure, if it includes these mini skull-stamped waffles. This Dash machine is no bigger than a grapefruit and will make tiny breakfasts and big smiles.
A sugary cereal candle
If you love sugar cereals and colorful home decor, you'll droll over this hyper-realistic breakfast-themed candle.
Struggle bus T-shirt
It's an award, but it's really a roast. Celebrate your favorite struggle bus passenger with this funny shirt that comes in three sizes.
Toilet night light
Make the bathroom a nightclub with this colorful toilet night light. Set it to seven different colors and enjoy the party vibe.
Toilet mug
Face the porcelain, but in a nice way. This ceramic toilet mug holds 12 ounces, and will bring the laughs. Note: It's not microwave or dishwasher safe.
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