'Tonight Show' Game With Ana De Armas Has A Surprising Twist

The "Ghosted" star played "Backtionary" with host Jimmy Fallon when the proceedings took an unexpected turn.

“Blonde” Oscar nominee Ana de Armas put her back into it on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday. (Watch the video below.)

The “Ghosted” star played a game in which host Jimmy Fallon sketched a chosen item on her back, and de Armas had to reproduce the image while guessing what it was. The two then reversed roles.

Let’s just say “Backtionary” got off to a sketchy start, with both having difficulty determining what their markers were up to.

Then the talk show introduced a surprising element: band leader Questlove.

Now it was up to de Armas to draw on the back of Fallon who drew on the back of Questlove to figure out what picture de Armas had chosen. Pictionary meets Telephone. Sorta.

One might think that drawing the sun would be a slam dunk but that wouldn’t be much fun, would it?

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