USC Lineman Andrew Vorhees Tears ACL At NFL Combine — But Then Pulls Off Awesome Feat

The offensive lineman wore a brace and managed an unsurpassed show of strength for scouts.

USC lineman Andrew Vorhees could have packed it in after tearing a knee ligament at the NFL Combine.

Instead, the 6-foot-6-inch, 310-pound offensive guard put on a brace, hobbled to the testing area on crutches, and showed off his strength. (Watch the video below.)

Vorhees on Monday turned in the best bench-press performance among all players, pumping out 38 fair reps of a 225-pound barbell. The next closest had 34.

Vorhees was projected by to be an eventual starter, but being diagnosed with a torn ACL on Monday and the long recovery ahead may hurt his status in April’s NFL Draft.

His feat at the combine, however, leaves little doubt about his determination.

“Looking forward to the future,” he said.

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