Spotted: AirPods For The Same Price They Were On Black Friday

Listen up, because this is an AirPods deal you don't want to miss.

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You can get Apple AirPods for the same price they were on Black Friday.
You can get Apple AirPods for the same price they were on Black Friday.

The 2020 Grammys surprised us with plenty of performances, record-breaking wins and amazing music. Whether you’re still jamming out to your favorite artists or spent the last few days streaming all the Billie Eilish songs you haven’t heard yet, maybe it’s time to enjoy all of that quality music on quality headphones.

Apple AirPods with a charging case usually retail for $159 full price, but we’ve spotted them on sale on Amazon for just $129. That’s the same price they were for Black Friday 2019 at Walmart, and the cheapest we’ve seen them.

You can also snag Apple AirPods with a wireless charging case for just $170 right now, if you’re a fan of wireless charging pads.

AirPods easily sync to all of your Apple devices and more via Bluetooth, and can play, pause or skip with a simple double-tap motion. For a true hands-free experience, you can summon Siri with a quick, “Hey, Siri!” voice command.

If you’ve been hesitant to cut the cord on your existing headphones, this deal is a great opportunity to upgrade to a pair of wireless earbuds. Enjoy a distraction-free podcast during your walk to work, listen to your favorite audiobook while cooking dinner and make hands-free calls actually hands-free.

Still not convinced? Amazon’s alternative to AirPods, Echo Buds, are on sale for just $90 right now, too. It’s a headphone-buyers market.