Stray Bullet Strikes Baby Shark Toy Inches From Sleeping Toddler

The bullet from a gunfight pierced a wall to strike the cuddly toy next to little girl in Madison, Wisconsin.

A stray bullet from a Wisconsin gunfight struck a Baby Shark toy just inches from a toddler sleeping in her bed, police reported.

The stuffed toy had a large hole from the bullet that penetrated a wall, and may have blocked the bullet from the little girl.

Several rounds from the Sunday-night firefight in Madison “entered neighboring residences, missing one occupant by approximately” 5 inches, a police official said in a statement, referring to the toddler.

A bullet was recovered from the Baby Shark belonging to 3-year-old Aziyah, whose last name was not provided. “If the bullet would’ve came a couple more inches, it could’ve targeted” Aziyah, her mother told the local TV station NBC15 (check out the video above).

Another 45 shell casings were recovered elsewhere from the gunfight outside, about seven miles from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. It’s unclear what triggered the gun battle. Madison police believe it’s a record number of bullets fired in a crime there.

As soon as Aziyah’s mom heard gunshots, she told NBC she raced to her daughter’s second-floor room, pulled Aziyah to the floor and covered her with her body.

As of Friday night, no one had yet been arrested.

A photo of Aziyah’s Baby Shark made the Madison police files. The smiling cuddly is still on guard in the toddler’s bedroom.