Belly Masks For Pregnancy To Help With Itchy, Irritated Stomachs

Target stretch marks, hydrate your skin and have a little "you" time with these hydrating sheet masks.
Belly masks from Element Mom and Hatch.
Amazon, Hatch
Belly masks from Element Mom and Hatch.

Pregnancy can be many things: exciting, nerve-racking, magical and sometimes itchy. If your stretch marks have been dry and irritated or the skin on your growing middle feels really tight and uncomfortable, you may benefit from spending a few minutes under a belly sheet mask. It’s like a facial sheet mask for your stomach, meant for hydrating and soothing your skin, and it’s the perfect way to get some much-needed “you” time before the baby comes.

From plant-based belly masks made with aloe to Korean beauty belly masks with hyaluronic acid, there are all sorts of belly masks. Apply it to a dry, clean belly as you recline for the time stated on the package. Throw it on after a bath or shower to really hydrate your skin or use it to cool down on a hot day to stop any itchy dryness.

To find your perfect mask, you’ll want to read all the ingredients to ensure it will work for your skin. Some even come in different sizes to grow with you during your pregnancy. For each mask, we’ve listed the main ingredients, sizes and reviews from other belly mask lovers.

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Hydrating and biodegradable belly masks that target stretch marks
Hatch, a luxury maternity clothing and lifestyle brand, is all about treating mamas and mamas-to-be right. Beloved for their belly oils and scrubs featuring plant-based and all-natural ingredients, their belly mask is quickly becoming a new fan favorite. With soothing aloe vera and propolis (a natural antioxidant made by bees), Hatch's belly mask aims to relieve the dryness and irritation caused by stretch marks during pregnancy and postpartum. They're fragrance-free and made without parabens, phthalates, dyes or gluten. They come in singles or a four-pack.

Promising review: "Biggest Relief for my belly. I'm 25 weeks along and had already started to get stretch marks and skin sensitivity on my belly. I paired this with the belly oil, which I have been using for two months. It made a huge difference in treating the texture of skin I was getting (stretch marks, bumps, dryness, etc.) in just one use. Relieving my itch & irritation. I will be doing it at least once a week until baby comes." — Nicole J
An organic soothing belly mask made with superfood oils
Ever Eden is a line of family skin care products developed by doctors who are also badass mothers. Known for their belly serums and stretch mark creams, they've recently launched the soothing belly mask for extra hydration and deep moisturizing. It contains sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and collagen, is plant-based and fragrance-free and comes in two sizes to help you throughout your pregnancy. Grab a single sheet or a 4-pack. Reviews say the mask feels cold when you first put it on, but warms up in a few moments.

Promising review: "I purchased the belly masks for my itchy third-trimester tummy. The mask felt nice and cooling in the hot weather and it took the itchiness away. Love these products and can't wait to explore them with my babe when she arrives!" — Amanda
Cocoa butter belly masks from a brand you know and love
If you keep your home stocked with Palmer's products, you already love their cocoa butter-based creams and lotions. For extra hydration on your growing belly, their tummy mask contains argan oil, shea butter and collagen to relieve tight and itchy skin during pregnancy. This comes in a single sheet in one size.

Promising review: "Loved the idea of a mask for my growing belly with baby number 2. My belly was BIG and the amazing moisture of this mask helped me to prevent stretch marks! It was a great way to pamper and feel good about myself! Highly recommend!" — Mama of 2
A super moisturizing Korean beauty product for your belly
Element Mom was launched during the start of the pandemic as a way to bring effective and affordable Korean beauty products to moms in the U.S. It calls itself the first Korean beauty line in the U.S. dedicated to pregnancy and parenting products, and it's celebrated widely for its Mega Moisturizing belly masks. Made with avocado and camellia oils, this mask comes dripping in serum, ready to fully hydrate your tummy during your second and third trimesters. Get yourself a single sheet or a 4-pack.

Promising review: "I used these from 32 weeks - 37 weeks (when I delivered) with my twin pregnancy in conjunction with vital proteins collagen, bio oil and carave moisturizing cream and was able to avoid stretch marks. Not only that, but towards the end of pregnancy your tummy feels sooooo tight, sometimes itching and burning. I found that these would help soothe that feeling and keep my skin feeling moisturized longer. I honestly did not follow the packet to a T and ended up using the masks 2x rather than just 1x. I would use a mask on Sunday and then use that same mask again on Thursday. I'd just keep it in a ziplock until I was ready to use it the second time and after that use I would throw it away. Regardless of how often you plan to use them, I think they're totally worth it even if it's to just help keep your tummy from feeling so uncomfortably tight and itchy." — Tiffany

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