Ben Carson Praises Trump With Bonkers Biblical Comparison

An apparent tech glitch made the exchange even more awkward.

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson compared Donald Trump to the biblical King David during a Fox News interview on Monday.

Host Neil Cavuto asked how Trump can overcome the issue of voters who won’t support him due to his “name calling, the insults and all of that.”

Carson said those same people might have thought of King David as “a horrible guy,” had they lived in biblical times.

“You know, the episode with Bathsheba and some of the other things that he did. And yet he was a man after God’s own heart,” Carson said. “God uses different people for different times.”

In this case, Carson said, “a Manhattan business type of a personality” is needed to counter “the administrative state.”

“Just to be clear, you’re comparing him to King David?” Cavuto asked.

An apparent tech glitch made the exchange even more awkward:

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