The Best Anal Toys, According To People Who've Tried Them

Whether you’re an experienced user or curious about about exploring butt play for the first time, these toys are worth shopping.
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Lovehoney, Amazon
A set of reverse-tapered anal beads, an anal plug set and a prostate massager.

Some may argue that the backdoor is one erogenous zone that shouldn’t be overlooked, either for solo enjoyment or with a partner. For others, this is unchartered territory that can be a little intimidating.

Whether you’re an anal-play veteran or just anal-curious, the titillating landscape of sex toys designed just for this purpose can be a welcome addition to the bedroom (or anywhere else you may be).

We looked to the first-person perspectives of reviewers to tell us which anal toys satisfy the most and why. Keep reading to shop our findings, which include options for every experience level, budget and desire.

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An anal plug set with suction bases
Average 4.4-star rating out of 4,364 reviews

This four-piece set features a tube of personal lubricant and plugs of ascending sizes to accommodate various comfort and experience levels. Each one is made with soft and flexible medical-grade silicone that's easy to clean with soap and water. They feature a powerful suction cup base.

Promising Amazon review: "These are so nice! I honestly wasn't sure about buying toys from Amazon but I am so pleasantly surprised. I've never tried penetrative sex with plugs before and these were perfect for that! They go in nicely, stay put, and are easy to clean. Highly recommend." — Anonymous
Reverse tapered anal beads
Average 4.6-star rating out of 678 reviews

Measuring 6 1/2 inches in length, this slightly stiff strand of anal beads is different from other options because of the reversed large-to-small bead sizing. The ergonomic hoop also makes insertion and removal safe and easy.

Promising Lovehoney review: "I've used other devices for anal/prostate stimulation. Comparatively, these are much easier to get in because they are smaller, which could be good or bad depending on what you're looking for. Of the handful of devices I've used, I'd put them near the top. The "strand" is firm, and can be pulled in and out with ease. I look forward to using them again." — justmyopinion
A curved stainless steel wand
Average 4.8-star rating out of 33 reviews

Delightfully cool and heavy, the versatile Njoy Fun Wand is crafted with seamless stainless steel and features a dual-ended design that's perfectly curved for hitting either the P or G spot.

Promising Babeland review: "This toy certainly lives up to its name. Fun because it is a 'wand' because - well - it is kind of magic! It is the perfect s-shaped wand that you can easily use for g spot stimulation during cunnilingus, or prostate stimulation during a blow job. The handle curves down and doesn't get in the way of your face while you are orally pleasuring a partner. The curve of the handle also means that your partner can tell which way the inside curve is facing, which is not the case with some wands, and can help keep the stimulation where it's most pleasurable. The beaded end also makes for a great anal bead type sensation (just be sure to hold onto the handle since it doesn't have a flared base). I used to swear by the pure plug but this is quickly stepping up as some serious competition." — Anonymous
A beginner-friendly backside play trio
Average 4.8-star rating out of 58 reviews

If the idea of backdoor play is intimidating, "Tush Pops" are designed with beginners in mind. This set features three anal toys in ascending sizes, each one outfitted with comfortable tapered tips and flared bases for safe and easy insertion. Like all of Cake's toys, these are latex-free and are recommended for use with lubricant.

Promising Cake review: "10/10 would recommend if you are looking to dive into booty stuff. The silicone is very soft and when paired with the Tush Cush [lube] you couldn’t ask for a better experience in my opinion. The product is very well made and very sturdy. Easy to clean and wipe up also! If you’re looking for something to introduce you or your partner to anal play, this is a very good buy and for the price you pay, way worth it." — Shina A.
Cute Little Fuckers
An adorable vibrating plug
Average 4.83-star rating out of 222 reviews

The adorable and innovative toy offerings from Cute Little Fuckers, a queer-, trans- and disabled-owned sexual wellness company, are created to be inclusive of all anatomies. "The Princette Puppypus" is coated in a velvety soft silicone and outfitted with tons of fun textures, ripples and bumps. Great for anal play or for anywhere else on the body, users can enjoy five vibration speeds and patterns that run along the domed, insertable head as well the bottom ring of tentacles.

Promising Cute Little Fuckers review: "This toy has so many fun features and uses. If you lack hand dexterity and still want a fun time, this is fantastic. It’s also a dope neck massager if you want it for non-sexual fun times. Also left it laying around and no one suspected it was a toy." — Daegon
A classic strand of weighted anal beads
Average 4.8-star rating out of 67 reviews

This freeform strand of anal beads is made up of five latex-dipped, oversized and slightly weighted spheres that have a rattling core. They promise an easy-glide insertion and removal and can be manipulated easily thanks to their silky smooth texture. Please note that people with an allergy to rubber latex shouldn't use this toy.

Promising Babeland review: "As a fan of anal toys and prostate massagers, I decided to give these a try since it was so inexpensive. Wow, am I ever glad I did! They're not for beginners, but you don't have to be too advanced to use the power balls. Once I had them all in I was blown away by the unique sensation of the balls rattling around inside me! Wow! Unlike any other toy I've tried. Five balls was the perfect number, too, and I think they are a good size. Try if you are looking for something new and different!" — Torontolad
A wearable thrusting prostate massager
Average 4.3-star rating out of 729 reviews

Designed for both solo play and intercourse, this prostate massager is loved for its seven vibration speeds and thrusting capacities that expand up to over half an inch. The 100% waterproof toy stays in place thanks to the stretchy ring, and a dual vibrator at the base offers another opportunity for stimulation.

Promising Amazon review: "This is by far the best vibrator I have bought. Number one it is nice and strong but my favorite feature it’s the two vibrators it has which makes it an amazing experience. I haven’t had a vibrator with seven different thrusting options which makes for so many different combinations. Now it is definitely one of my go to toys." — Eric
A jelly-soft larger toy
Average 4.9-stars out of 50 reviews

One of the more girthy options on our list, this plug-style toy is made with a supple-soft jelly material that offers the perfect amount of squish and firmness. The bubble design starts petite at the tip and gets largest at the center and offers a flared safety base that doubles as a suction cup.

Promising PinkCherry review: "This thing is so squishy and soft, it feels so good inside. It’s the perfect size for an 'intermediate' user. Good length, girth, and the squishy-ness makes it super comfortable. Definitely recommend." — Sm
A rotating and thrusting prostate toy
Average 4.7-star rating out of 42 reviews

This anal probe thrusts, rotates and vibrates through an impressive 12 super-powered vibration modes. It's covered in an easy-to-clean hypoallergenic silicone, offers an intentionally designed curved shaft with a larger tip and also features a flared base for hands-free enjoyment.

Promising PinkCherry review: "I honestly wasn't expecting a whole lot out of this but it blew my expectations out of the water. The multiple settings are all individually great and it hits the right spot for me. They packed a lot of functionality and power into a small package!" — Anonymous
A beaded glass dildo
Average 4.9-star rating out of 498 reviews

This 7-inch glass dildo offers a bulbous bead design that's perfectly curved for either prostate or G-spot stimulation. It's made with a weighty borosilicate glass that can be cooled or heated for added element of temperature play.

Promising Lovehoney review:
"What a stunner. This is amazing, easy to clean, body safe and just wow. The weight of it creates a new sensation, along with the different notches. Perfect to use solo or with my partner." — Korny
A prostate massager
Average 4.5-star rating out of 112 reviews

This probing-style vibrator is a Lovehoney bestseller for prostate gland stimulation. It promises an ergonomically designed bulbed shaft that's perfectly angled for the P-spot and is crafted from soft silicone for comfortable use. You can cycle through three speeds and four patterns of vibration and it can even be used completely submerged in water.

Promising Lovehoney review:
"The packaging and presentation was very impressive. The size excited me, it's larger than I expected. It's made of high-quality soft-touch rubber over something hard, so it has the perfect amount of give where needed. It has 3 settings of constant vibration, in increasing strengths, then 3 patterned vibration modes. This is a great feature as the same thing after a while can reduce the impact. It keeps me on edge the whole time I'm using it. This vibrator is the only one that's given me a leg-shaking orgasm when I've used it. The battery life is fantastic and I love that the recharge port is self-resealing rubber, this is very clever and great quality. I have recommended this product to multiple people." — Leedsguy

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