The Best And Most Popular Bachelor And Bachelorette Party Songs

These are the jams that appear most often on Spotify playlists.

Whether the bachelor or bachelorette party you’re throwing is a four-day extravaganza in Mexico or a one-day event in your local town, party attendees have one job: Make sure the bachelor or bachelorette is having a wildly good time. And music playlists are a key part of that.

Spotify recently released the most popular bachelor and bachelorette party songs, based on all the “bachelor party” and “bachelorette party” playlists users made on the app.

Coming in at number one for bachelor party playlists is “Ni**as In Paris” by Jay Z, followed by “Yeah!” by Usher.

Naturally, the number-one song women love to blast on bachelorette parties is Beyonce’s “All The Single Ladies,” followed by “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.

Check out more of the top party hits below.

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